Too Late

Gigi is Michaels little sister and Gigi has a secret, she is also falling in Love with Luke... How does Michael feel about it? find out


3. Chapter 3

Ashton POV

I walk downstairs it was really quiet but i see Luke and Gigi in the kitchen making pancakes. HMMM i notice they seem a bit scared and happily sighed when I entered the room. It was weird but oh well i'll forget about it

"What are you cuties making?" I say.

"Pancakes." Gigi said I already knew they were making pancakes i needed to say something.

"Yea they look good Gigi."Luke said to her. she giggled so much it was weird Kind of like a fangirl Luke smirked at her WHAT IS GOING ON between these two. Its so obvious they like one another i will not tell Michael maybe Calum but not Michael if they really do like each other i dont wanna ruin whatever they have ill talk to Luke later about this.

Lukes POV

I was so happy when i saw Ashton walk into the room i wasnt in the mood to see Michael. Even though me and his sister arent dating... Yet ill make her mine.

We finished making pancakes Ash helped a bit. I run up the stairs to get Calum and Michael from bed so they can come and eat. I throw a pillow at Michael

"HEY!" Michael yelled.

"Food is ready wake up!"

"What is there?" Calum popped out of nowhere

"Pancakes now get your butts over there Gigi worked hard to make them perfect."

"She worries to much." As they both get up and walk down stairs.

Gigis POV

when Luke went up stairs to get Michael and Calum. He left me alone with Ash and we honestly had the most uncomfortable conversation ever! I felt so awkward.

"So you a fan of Luke?" Ashton said

"What do you mean?" I gave him a confused look at the moment. I think Ash knows we kissed.

"I mean, Do you wanna get with him."

"What? No Ashton why would you ask that?" Ashton puts his hands up in defense.

"Just asking sweet heart." He smiles with his big dimples coming out. So awkward.

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