Too Late

Gigi is Michaels little sister and Gigi has a secret, she is also falling in Love with Luke... How does Michael feel about it? find out


20. chapter 19

michaels POV

I am beyond pissed that my little sister who i love so much decided to sneak her relationship with Luke and they told Calum. I closed the door in gigis face so she couldnt get in but i must talk to the boys.

I walked into the living room all 3 boys talking on the couch i guess i looked angry when i walked in all 3 jumped up onto their feet.

"Bro-" Cal started saying

"dont bro me." I say

"Man whats happened?" ash asked

"What happened?! You wanna know what happened?! Luke, Gigi and Calum are hiding something from me." I say

"wait you-." Luke began

"yes i know man. How could you?" I said starting to soften up.

"man i told you i wanted to date her."

"and i said you couldnt."

"and why not Michael you cant keep her away from me." Luke says trying not to be over dramatic

"I know what shes capable of now, I dont want her to do those things with you Luke, youre innocent, shes not." I begin to walk away

"how would you know?" luke getting my attention

"if you arent i definitely will not consider you two dating." I said trying to sound tough and walk towards the kitchen until calum opened his mouth.

"I cant take this anymore." Calum starts walking towards me an Luke.

"She should be a virgin

.. those nights she had sex she never wanted to. She was always raped." Calum explained

"she was what?" My heart breaking

"Its true." I turn around and see Gigi. I go hug her to comfort her

"why didnt you tell me?" I whisper to her.

"It was hard." she said i kissed her forehead. She buried her face in my shoulder and cried more I cant help but feel a bit bad.

"Should we leave?" Ashton asks.

"No stay if you like." Gigi said "I'm just going upstairs." she waved goodbye and she looked at Luke with these eyes and i can never

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