Too Late

Gigi is Michaels little sister and Gigi has a secret, she is also falling in Love with Luke... How does Michael feel about it? find out


18. Chapter 18

Gigis POV

Ashton walked out of the room I was only a few inches behind him when he reached the bottom of the stairs he pushe Cal Mikey and Luke just to get to Brad. He grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. I thought he was gonna hit him. Luke has scratches all over his fave Mikey is bleeding in several places and Cal has bruises all over his arms.

"WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU HAVE SEX WITH HER AND JUST FORGET ABOUT HER!" Ashton yelled right into his face. Calum looked at me quickly with his eyes wide i know he was surprised i told ashton what i did with Brad. Luke looked at me with sympathy i wish i could apologize and kiss him right now he probably has no more feelings for me. Michaels anger grew he looks madder than he was before, I'm scared that this fight is gonna be bigger than before.

"You, Gisselle follow me outside." michael said pointing to me and brad. When us 3 reached the the door me and Brad lookef onto the floor we knew Michael was gonna yell.

"Why?" Michael said so calm and it broke my heart he sounded so hurt.

"She's hot, I was drunk, It was at a house party with many beds, you do the math." Brad said. so he used me for sex.

"Dont call her hot, so you can leave now i dont wanna see you again."

"guys stop." I said quiet but no one heard me.

"You know what i wasnt gonna call your sister again. I didnt want anything to do with her. It was a one night stand." He said about to walk away when Michael stands closer to me so we can walk inside together.

"Then why are you here, if you didnt want anything to do with me." I said i'm a bit proud of my comment Michael turned around and crosses his arms.

"I dont know." Brad said he was so confused on what to say."

"bullshit." Michael yelled at him

"Just wanted to say hello."

"bullshit, you were about to kidnap her."

"fine shit I wanted to talk about that night we-- yea and when your friend Kalvin-."

"Calum." I correct him

"Calum. whatever didnt let me talk to you. You looked so pretty and i needed you again and i was gonna rape her but then that guy jumped out of you closet it caught me off guard to grab you right away. Brad explained to us and Michael was red and i just want to go inside.

"What guy came out of your closet?" Mikey said to me crossing his arms

"Luke." i say so shy and shaking

"Didnt i say no to your relationship.................When brad opened the door to your room you thought it was me so you hid Luke in you closet." Michael said

"Mikey its not like that."

"then explain. Wait was calum in the room?"


"so you 3 were hidinging a relationship from me?" at this point Brad walked away ehile he. had the chance

"no we were gonna tell you we are gonna date if you like it or not."

"No you wont." Michael ran in the house and i try to follow but he locked me put of my own house. I knock on the door but it no use. Theres a ladder in the backyard i'll try that so i go to the backyard try to get into my bedroom.

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