This story is about vampires and vampire hunters trying to get along in a academy. There was a beautiful 16 years-old girl that her parents wanted her to get marry at age 16.


3. Locked in my room

I was locked in my bedroom, until my mother send Maria to fetch me, so, she went up the stairs. Then she reached my room, she knocked on my door, and she said "Carlos, may I come in?" I said "Yeah sure," she opened the door, I was on my bed playing video games. I said "is dinner ready?" She said "Oh yes," I said "is everything okay, Maria?" She said "Yes, everything is fine." But I knew was no good, then Maria collapsed, then I yelled "MARIA MARIA!!" Everybody rushed in my room, then they saw Maria on the floor, so, we put her on my bed. The doctor came and told us that Maria was pushing herself so hard, while the doctor was talking to everybody else, I was in the room with her, alone, trying to accompanied her. I saw some tears keeping down her cheeks.


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