This story is about vampires and vampire hunters trying to get along in a academy. There was a beautiful 16 years-old girl that her parents wanted her to get marry at age 16.


1. Be my lover

Hello, my name is Carlos Chavez, I'm 15 years-old, I have 3 brothers and 4 sisters. My mother and father wanted me to get marry at an early age but I didn't want to get marry at 15 because I want to explore both worlds, the human and the vampire world. When I told my parents that I'm going to the human world, their faces went white as snow because they didn't want their second youngest son go to the human world, since they thought that humans were still cruel to us, vampires. But that was like 300 years ago, now, it's 2014, were headphones, phones, and other electronics are hitting the markets and other electronics stores. My sister, Veronica said "omg, my second youngest little bro is going to the human, how come you don't want to explore our world instead of the human world?" I said "Because our world is so boring and I bet you 50 bucks that the human world is fun than our world," she said "alright, then it's 50 bucks that we will bet but under 1 condition," I said "what's that, Veronica?" Veronica said "I will go with you to the human world." So, I agreed that she could go with me but our parents didn't like the idea of us going to the human world. My mother said "Carlos, I have invited my friend and her daughter coming for dinner,please, staying for couple of minutes," I said "whatever." 

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