Close As Strangers

Ashton Irwin Story
Typical couple right? Wrong. The boy has to leave for a tour for six months. The girl feels sad. They haven't seen each other in ages. Are they really just as close as strangers?


1. Chapter 1: It's hard

Skylar POV

It's hard having a celebrity boyfriend. No one believes that you actually do. So my boyfriend aka Ashton Irwin is leaving on your for 6 months with his band. He told me today actually.


"Hey Sky can I talk to you?" Ashton says.

This must be bad he never calls me Sky.

"Yeah sure what's up?" I say worried

"Me and the boys are going on tour for 6 months. I can't bring you with us because they say you'll be a distraction to me."

"Ash, it's okay I'll be fine. Don't worry about me okay. We won't lose touch." When are you guys leaving?" I ask

"We leave later on today actually." He says

"Oh. I didn't think it'd be so soon." I say

"Me either, but I wanted to get a chance to say good bye." He says looking down.

"Good bye Ash. I'll miss you." I say looking down trying to to cry.

"Don't cry,love it won't be forever. I love you Sky with all my heart." He says walking to the guys.

"I love you to Ash!" I yell as he walks away with the guys.

*Present day*

Like I said it's hard. I'm just in my room waiting for Ash to call me. I hope we won't end up like one of their songs. I don't want to be as Close As Strangers.


Hello people who bother to read this. I am new here! I love 5sos! Plz like or at least read my story. Thx bye.

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