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Harry and Ginny get married.and live happily ever after, that's not the story really. They were never really very close and now they might be further than ever. Will their marriage survive?


1. Love with prices- Ginny

"I love Harry I really do, but the money is going short and the baby is coming in three months. I can't keep supporting the whole family once the baby comes, I don't have a job that pays enough. If everything comes to the worst we may have to split the marriage." I finish writing in my diary just as Harry walks in and shut it hastily. "Ginny come on you're going to be late for work," Harry yells at me. I still can't believe that we ended up living in Hermione and Ron's basement. I really thought that Harry's money would last us through our whole life, but it was wasted on gambles and drinks at the local casinos. " Ginny, hurry up we need your paycheck for dinner tonight," Harry said ", and the boys and I are heading to The Wavy Wand tonight, and well it's my turn to buy the drinks." 


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