This is it

Harry and Ginny get married.and live happily ever after, that's not the story really. They were never really very close and now they might be further than ever. Will their marriage survive?


2. I Hate Him- Ginny

I hate Harry Potter. Last night he put vodka in my Coke. I went to the doctor today and he said that the baby is not going to have a high chance of making it through birth , because of the " high alcohol level" in my blood. It's over between Harry and I even if the baby does make it. Then to make matters even worse than they already are,Harry didn't come home last night and when I got to work yesterday they said that my paycheck had already been collected by my husband. I know where my money went though, it went to a round of drinks for the boys and some extra gambling money. If it weren't for Hermione and Ron I would've gone hungry last night.

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