WWE: Road To WrestleMania 3

Road To WrestleMania 3; Kim surprises everyone when she returns from injury. The rivalry between Victoria and Kim continues when Kim continues to taunt Victoria during her matches. Victoria tries to take out Kim again, but instead, Kim causes a loser leaves WWE match down the road. Later down the road, Kim captures the Divas title again, only losing it later to a surprise diva. Kim leaves the WWE to pursue another career.


15. WrestleMania

(5 Months Later - WrestleMania Weekend) 

Kim: *arrives to the hall of fame ceremony with dean* 

Paparazzi's: *snapping pics of kim and dean together* 

Renee: Kim, welcome back to the WWE, you look great tonight! *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Thanks Renee, it took a lot of time to look this good. *laughs* 

Renee: *laughs* How does it feel to see the WWE again? Especially here at the Hall of Fame ceremony! 

Kim: I've attended every Hall of Fame since I came in the WWE and you know, I never get bored of it. I love it, I love seeing the wives and husbands, boyfriend/girlfriends of every superstars and divas and that's great, but most of all I am always, always, always! Excited to see the legends! *smiles* 

Renee: Alright, well thank you Kim. 


Kim: *arrives with dean backstage* 

Eva: Kim! *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles and waves to eva* 

Summer: Hey girl! You looked great last night. 

Kim: *smiles* Thank you. 

Summer: *hugs kim* 

Dean: Hey, careful. 

Summer: Why? *smiles* Are you pregnant Kim!? *smiles bigger* 

Kim: *laughs* Yeah, I am actually. 

Summer: No way? How long are you? 

Kim: I'm four months. 

Summer: *touches kims stomach* Aw, how cute! Wait, so that means you're not gonna come back then? 

Kim: I will just when time is right. 

Eva: What? You're pregnant? 

Kim: Yeah, I am Eva. *smiles* 

Dean: I'm gonna go greet the others. 

Kim: Ok. 

Brie: Hi Jon. *smiles* 

Nikki: *smiles* 

Dean: Oh Kim's here by the way, she's with Danielle and Eva. 

Nikki: Really, ok we'll go greet her. 

Rosa: Nicole! Wait. 

Nikki: Kim's here, we're gonna go see her. 

Rosa: Is she?! I love that girl, let's go. 

Kim: *talking with Natalya* 

Natalya: *smiling* I'm so happy for you and Jonathan. I can't wait to see the little one. 

Brie: Wait what? 

Natalya: Kim's pregnant. 

Nikki: Shut up! *smiles* 

Kim: *chuckles* Yeah, I'm four months as of last week. 

Nikki: Aw, I want a baby. *makes a sad face* 

Brie: Nicole! 

Nikki: What Brie. 

Brie: Congrats Kim. *hugs kim* I can't believe you're gonna be a mom. *smiles* 

Kim: I know, it's crazy Brie. It felt like I just left the WWE yesterday and already I'm 4 months, it's crazy. 

Rosa: Kim! *runs and hugs kim* 

Kim: Not to hard Milena, I'm pregnant. 

Rosa: *covers her mouth* No way? Really? *looks at the divas and then kim* You're really pregnant? *smiles* 

Kim: Yeah, I'm four month. 

Rosa: *touches kims stomach* Oh my god, I can see it growing now. It's so cute. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Thanks hunny. 

Dean: *walks over to kim* Babe, Steph and Paul wants to see you. 

Kim: Oh ok. Sorry ladies, I'll be back. *leaves with dean* 

Dean: *holds kims hand and walks leads off* 

Summer: They are so cute; I want a relationship like theirs. 

Brie: You actually want one of your own and a better one. 

Naomi: Yeah, you don't want to relive another's love story. 

Brie: Yeah. 

Stephanie: Hey Kim. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Hey Stephanie, hey Paul. *smiles* 

Triple H: Jonathan told me, congrats on the pregnancy Kimberly. 

Kim: *smiles* Thank you Paul. 

Stephanie: I thought you were gonna go and pursue into something else? So we letted you go. 

Kim: Are you serious? I love the WWE; I would never leave the company for anything else. Unless it was something serious. 

Stephanie: You were in a serious injury Kim, you were on three! *laughs* 

Kim: Yeah, I was. *chuckles* It's been a year since I came back too. 

Triple H: Yeah, and it sucks how you're out again. How can you miss two WrestleMania's? The biggest stage of them all Kim. 

Kim: *chuckles* I know! I can't believe it either, but I won't next year, I promise. I promise to be in action, in the ring before Survivor Series. Well actually, I want to come back at Survivor Series. *smiles* 

Stephanie: Yeah, we can work on that angle actually. It'll involve you for sure. 

Kim: Great. *smiles* I'm already excited to be back. *chuckles* 

Stephanie: You have to have the baby first. *presses her hand against kims stomach* 

Kim: Yeah. *smiles* 

Triple H: Alright Kim, Stephanie and I are gonna head out to open WrestleMania, so we'll see you in a bit again. 

Kim: Ok. 

Triple H: Alright. *leaves with Stephanie* 

Dean: Let's go get something to eat. 

Kim: Ok. 

Triple H: *opens WrestleMania with Stephanie* 

Kim: Watching this makes me want to hurry up and have this baby already. 

Dean: Hey, be nice to my kid. 

Kim: I am nice, he or she is just giving me back pains. 

Dean: I'm sure it's not that serious. 

Kim: No, it's hurting my spine. 

Dean: Want to check up with Dr. Rios? 

Kim: No, it's ok. I can wait til I leave back home to see Dr. Hansen. 

Dean: Ok. 

(Later On) 

Dean: *comes out to the ring first* 

Randy: *comes out next with the title* 

Dean: *brawls with randy* 

Randy: *fights back and dropkicks dean* 

Dean: *falls to the mat* 

Randy: *beats up dean and then picks him up and body slams him* 

Dean: *groans* 

Kim: *watching backstage* 

Roman: Hey Kim. *smiles* How are you? 

Kim: I'm great, it's been a minute, how are you? 

Roman: Same as you. *chuckles* I heard the divas talking about you earlier. 

Kim: What were they saying? 

Roman: You're pregnant? 

Kim: Oh. *smiles* Yeah I am. I'm four months. 

Roman: Congrats, I'm sure Jon's gonna be a great father. 

Kim: I know he will. *smiles* 

Roman: So this is it? You're not coming back? 

Kim: Oh I am, we're working on it. 

Roman: Oh that's good, so you're coming back still pregnant or? *laughs* 

Kim: No, I'll have my baby in September and I'll be back probably in November in time for Survivor Series. 

Roman: Oh, so a year later then huh? 

Kim: Yeah. 

Roman: That's good. *watches the match* Oh, I think this is it right here. 

Randy: *goes for an rko* 

Dean: *reverses and puts randy in the dirty deeds* 

Roman: Yeah, that's it. 

Dean: *gets the win* 

(Fireworks sparks in the sky) 

Kim: Oh my god. Am I allowed out there? 

Ref: *checking on randy* 

Randy: *walking drunk back up the ramp* 

Roman: Um, I don't know, did they tell you? 

Kim: Oh, I wasn't schedule to be here, I just came with Jon. *laughs* 

Roman: You can ask Jane. 

Kim: Oh yeah. Jane! 

Jane: Oh hey Kim. *smiles* How are yo? 

Kim: Great, is it ok if I go out there? 

Jane: With you pregnant, I don't think so, but Roman, you can go out there tho. 

Roman: Oh ok. *leaves out to the ring* 

Dean: *sees roman and celebrates with him* 


Dean: *walking and talking with roman* Yeah, I can't believe I won. *laughs* 

Kim: *smiles* Congrats babe. *hugs dean* 

Dean: *hugs kim back and kisses her on the cheek* Thank you baby. 

Kim: *smiles* I'm so proud of you. 

Dean: I am too. *looking at the belt and smiles* 

Kim: Let's celebrate tonight for your victory. 

Dean: Oh we will, trust me. *chuckles* 

(After WrestleMania) 

Seth: Here's a toast to the new WWE World Heavy! Weight Champion, Dean Ambrose. *smiles* 

All: *toast and takes shots* 

Dean: *smiles at kim* I'm sorry, I'll take your shot for you. *takes the shot* 

Zack: Wait, why aren't you drinking? 

Dolph: I hate to break it to you Matt, but Kim's expecting. 

Zack: What!? No way. 

Kim: Yeah, I'm four months. *chuckles softly* 

Zack: *hugs kim* Congrats Kim, so proud of you. *smiles happy* 

Kim: *smiles* Thanks Matt. 

Dean: Let's go babe, I feel like I'm gonna pass out. 

Kim: Ok, let everyone know then. 

Dean: Bye! *puts his arms around kim* Ok let's go now. 

Kim: *chuckles* I don't think anyone heard you, but ok, let's go. 

Dean: *leaves with kim* 

(The Next Night On RAW)

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