WWE: Road To WrestleMania 3

Road To WrestleMania 3; Kim surprises everyone when she returns from injury. The rivalry between Victoria and Kim continues when Kim continues to taunt Victoria during her matches. Victoria tries to take out Kim again, but instead, Kim causes a loser leaves WWE match down the road. Later down the road, Kim captures the Divas title again, only losing it later to a surprise diva. Kim leaves the WWE to pursue another career.


13. Wish Granted

(2 Weeks Later) 

Layla: *in the ring cutting a promo* You all know I should still be champion right now! Kim wouldn't show up last week because she was too scared to fight me again. 

Kim: *comes out to the ramp and interrupts* I'm sorry Layla, I was in the back when I kept hearing you yapping about my divas title and how you should be having it around your waist. Well I hate to break it to you, but I was not scared of you last week Layla. I had more important things to do then be scared of you and focusing on you.  

Fans: *chants for deans name* 

Kim: *breaks character for a second and smiles* You see, I was away last week because I heard that you've gone crazy losing your title three weeks ago. *shrugs her shoulder* And it's ok because at Hell In A Cell, you'll get your rematch. *smiles angrily* If you win, congrats, and if you lose... *serious* You won't get another chance at my divas title. *music hits and heads to the back* 

(Hell In A Cell) 

Nikki: Well if it isn't Mrs. Good here. 

Kim: *smiles* Hey Nicole. *warming up* 

Nikki: I can't believe you've been here for 3 years already. 

Kim: I know right? It's like I just started and already it's been 3 amazing years. 

Nikki: Well 2 actually, not including your injury. 

Kim: Right. 

Nikki: So big match huh? 

Kim: Yeah, marks it as my first PPV ever Nicole! *smiles big* 

Nikki: I know! It's a big night for you tonight. 

Kim: Yeah. 

Nikki: Ok, I'll let you warm up and get ready. 

Kim: Ok, I'll see you in a bit. 

Nikki: Ok. *walks off* 

Kim: *cont. warming up* Oh, I wonder if Sandra's done with my ring gear. *walks to Sandra* 

Sandra: *fixing kims top* 

Kim: Hey Sand. 

Sandra: Oh hey girl. *smiles* I'm almost done with your top. 

Kim: Ooh, I love it Sandra. I love the leather on it. 

Sandra: Thank you. 

Dean: Hey. *gives kim a kiss* 

Kim: Do you like my new gear?  

Dean: I liked the other one better it was actually hot on you. 

Kim: Well this one can too, look the bottoms are now shorts and... 

Dean: Those are shorts? Why are they so... 

Kim: Well the sides are 5 inches, it'll actually be booty shorts on me still. *smiles laughing* 

Dean: Ok. *chuckles* 

Sandra: Ok, here's your top. 

Dean: Let me see that. 

Kim: You like it? 

Dean: It looks weird. 

Kim: No it doesn't! It's long sleeves on my left arm and then bra on my right arm. Here, let me wear it to show you. 

Dean: Ok. 

Kim: *changes* 

Sandra: Oh girl. Jon you got yourself one very hot wife. 

Dean: *smiles looking at kim* 

Kim: See doesn't look bad. 

Dean: No, it looks hot on you too. 

Kim: It's because I'm hot period. *smiles then laughs* 

Sandra: *laughs* 

Kim: *laughing* 

Dean: Yeah, you are, I'm gonna go get ready. 

Kim: Ok. I'll see you later, I have to get my makeup done anyways. 

Dean: Alright. *gives kim a kiss and walks off* 

Sandra: He's a very sweet guy Kim. 

Kim: He is, he's perfect to me. *smiles* 

Janet: *works on kims make up* 

Layla: *heads out to the ring first* 

Kim: *comes out next* 

Layla: *clothesline kim* 

Kim: *gets back up and attacks Layla to the mat* 

Layla: *brawls back with kim on the mat* 

Kim: *headscissors Layla on the mat* 

Layla: *breaks out and gets up* 

Kim: *circles up with Layla and then arm locks with her* 

Layla: *kicks kim in the stomach* 

Kim: *falls to one knee* 

Layla: *goes for the bombshell* 

Kim: *lays out on the mat* 

Layla: *goes for the pin* 

Kim: *kicks out*  

Layla: *forearms smash kim in the face* 

Kim: *grabs onto laylas hair and pushes her over and attacks her* 

Layla: *crawls out the ring* 

Kim: *runs to the ropes and dives out the ring* 

Layla: *moves* 

Kim: *hits the barricades* 

Layla: *grabs kim by the hair and tosses her into the ring* 

Kim: *gets up* 

Layla: *gets in the ring* 

Kim: *runs and goes for the Christo* 

Layla: *screams* 

Kim: *puts more pressure on Layla* 

Layla: *runs to the ropes* 

Kim: *falls out to the ground and grabs onto the apron to get up* 

Layla: *gets out the ring* 

Kim: *pulls Layla* 

Layla: *flips over and falls on the floor* 

Kim: *grabs Layla and tosses her into the ring* 

Layla: *moving* 

Kim: *grabs Layla and goes for a cross armbreaker* 

Layla: *screaming and taps out* 

Kim: *lets go and gets up quick* 

Ref: *raises kim arm* 

Layla: *crying* 

Kim: *looks at Layla and then walks out the ring and heads up the ramp* 

Layla: *runs out the ring and pushes kim out the way up to the back* 

Kim: *laughs then heads back up the ramp* 


Stephanie: Oh hey Kim. *smiles* Congrats on the win. 

Kim: Thanks. *smiles* Can I talk to you? 

Stephanie: Yeah, what is it? 

Kim: I want to leave after Survivor Series, is that ok with you? I want to explore something new and if it doesn't go well. I'll come back.

Stephanie: You want to leave? Kim, you're at the top. You know what happened when you left last time.

Kim: Yeah, but if it doesn't go as plan then I'll come back Steph. I want to come back.

Stephanie: I don't know Kim, I'll have to really think about it. I really don't want you to go. You're contract ends next year already; you really want to leave now?

Kim: I mean, I love being champ, and I love the storylines you guys put me thru, but a girls only got so many dreams.

Stephanie: Alright, let's put it this way. What if you don't want to come back, what happens then?

Kim: I promise to come back Stephanie, as long as you guys have an angle for me to come back to... I will come back. 

Stephanie: So Survivor Series you're saying. 

Kim: Yes. 

Stephanie: And who do you want to be facing?  

Kim: Well... I want it to be Layla because she's been in the business for so long and I just want her to have more title runs then just two. 

Stephanie: We'll see who we can get to face you.  

Kim: Ok, so are you granting me my wish or? 

Stephanie: Yeah, I am Kim. *smiles* You been on the road not as long as the other divas, but you worked harder than them the times they've been here. 

Kim: Really? 

Stephanie: Yeah, but ok. We'll have a segment leading to Survivor Series for you soon. 

Kim: Thank you. *smiles* 

Stephanie: No problem, you deserve it Kim. *smiles* 

Kim: *hugs Stephanie and leaves the office*

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