WWE: Road To WrestleMania 3

Road To WrestleMania 3; Kim surprises everyone when she returns from injury. The rivalry between Victoria and Kim continues when Kim continues to taunt Victoria during her matches. Victoria tries to take out Kim again, but instead, Kim causes a loser leaves WWE match down the road. Later down the road, Kim captures the Divas title again, only losing it later to a surprise diva. Kim leaves the WWE to pursue another career.


14. Thank You WWE

(Next Day On RAW) 

Kim: *comes out to the ring* Wow, as good as Layla was in her whole "laycool" gimmick. I would of thought she'll be good without McCool. *smiles* But I guess she isn't, just how she wasn't with Summer Rae. *sighs* You see, I am the best diva and the best divas champion and I proved it to everyone last night at Hell In A Cell. I've held this title for 344 days before losing it and I believe I am the highest reigning right now with a total of 429 days as a 4x's Divas Champion. *smiles* Wow, that is a record to break you guys. I would like to see someone step up and break that number. 

Fans: *cheers* 

Kim: Right? 

Stephanie: *comes out* 

Kim: *stares down the ramp* 

Stephanie: *clapping for kim and walking down the ramp* Congrats Kim, you're right! You are the longest title run with 344 days and the longest reign of 429 days. That is one champ to crown everyone. *smiles* But you see, with Survivor Series coming up in 2 weeks Kim. I hope you're prepared because you will defend that title, against let's see we got Layla, Nikki and Brie Bella, Natalya, Tamina, Eva Marie, Summer Rae, Alicia Fox, Cameron, Rosa Mendes, and Naomi. At Survivor Series, you will defend that title against every diva in the locker room, and the only way to win is not over the top rope, but by pinfall or submission. *leaves to the back* Oh and Kim, if you lose at Survivor Series... You're! Fired! *smiles and walks to the back* 

Kim: *holds her title scared* 

(Survivor Series) 

Divas: *in the ring waiting* 

Kim: *comes out to the ring last and hands her title to the ref* 

Stephanie: *comes out* Wait! Don't start the match yet, I have another surprise. Ladies and gentlemen, with a ring that big... I've decided to add another diva in this match. 

Fans: *cheers* 

Divas: *talking and confused* 

Stephanie: Ladies and gentlemen, meet WWE's newest diva. Charlotte! 

Charlotte: *comes out to the ramp and poses* 

Fans: *cheers loudly* 

Charlotte: *shakes stephanie's hand* Thank you. *walk to the ring and stares at the divas and gets in the ring* 

Ref: *starts the match* 

Divas: *wrestling eachother* 

AJ: *throws paige out the ring and attacks her out there* 

Brie: *fighting nikki* 

Natalya: *fighting summer* 

Naomi: *beating up Cameron* 

Charlotte: *fighting kim* 

Kim: *spinebusters charlotte* 

Charlotte: *rolls out the ring* 

Tamina: *runs in and superkicks kim* 

Kim: *laid out in the middle of the ring* 

Paige: *grabs tamina and puts her in the rampaige* 

AJ: *runs in the ring and does a shining wizard to paige* 

Brie: *runs in and puts aj in the bella buster* 

Nikki: *runs in and rack attacks brie* 

Natalya: *runs in and clotheslines nikki* 

Cameron: *ddt's Natalya* 

Naomi: *rearviews Cameron* 

Charlotte: *gets in the ring and throws Naomi out the ring* 

Kim: *goes for the Christo on charlotte* 

Charlotte: *reverse it into a ddt* 

Kim: *holds her head* 

Charlotte: *goes for the figure four leg lock* 

Kim: *screams* 

Naomi: *slides into the ring* 

Kim: *taps out* 

Naomi: *gets upset* 

Charlotte: *lets go of kim* 

Divas: *heads to the back* 

Charlotte: *holding the divas title and squats next to kim and pulls her hair* Is this what you want? It's mine now! *slams kims face* 

Kim: *groans and holds her nose* 

Charlotte: *smiles and poses then gets out the ring* 

Fans: *cheers/boos* 

Charlotte: *walks to the back* 

Kim: *sitting in the ring in silence* 

Fans: *cheers and claps for kim* 

Michael: Wow, we all have just witnessed the debut of Charlotte and she won the divas title from Kim.  

JBL: Yeah, now Kim is fired from WWE, how great is that! 

Jerry: Cole, what happens now?  

Michael: The reactions from the crowds are trying to support Kim as she is leaving the ring. 

Kim: *grabs the mic* Los Angeles, California... I know right. I can't believe it either. *puts the mic to the side and exhales* I'm sorry WWE Universe, I truly am. I lost this match, I lost my title, and I let you guys down all in one night and match. 

Fans: *cheers* 

Kim: I just... I want to thank each and everyone of you for supporting me since day one and been there for me since my arrival and returns. This will not be the last you all will see me. If you see me on the streets, come and say hi. I will be glad to take pictures and sign autographs for you. *smiles* Just because I lost my job doesn't stop the smile on my face. I will continue to live and fight for what I love! This is not the end WWE, I will make sure that I come back! *drops the mic and heads to the back* 

(After Survivor Series) 

Rosa: Kim, we're gonna miss you. 

Kim: Don't miss me too much; I'll come back if they have anything for me. *smiles* 

Eva: You better Kim! We need you, the divas needs you. 

Kim: *smiles* Yes, Eva. 

Dean: Alright, you ready for me to take you home? 

Kim: Yeah, we can go too. 

Dean: Ok. *drives off to kims place* 

(The Next Night On RAW) 

Kim: *watching raw from home* 

Dean: *cutting a promo* First of all I just want to say, sorry that you lost your job Kim. *laughs* I know it must of sucked, but hey! At least you get to be home and get to do the hell ever you want! *smiles* 

Triple H: *interrupts dean* 

Dean: *brawls with triple h to the back*

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