WWE: Road To WrestleMania 3

Road To WrestleMania 3; Kim surprises everyone when she returns from injury. The rivalry between Victoria and Kim continues when Kim continues to taunt Victoria during her matches. Victoria tries to take out Kim again, but instead, Kim causes a loser leaves WWE match down the road. Later down the road, Kim captures the Divas title again, only losing it later to a surprise diva. Kim leaves the WWE to pursue another career.


10. Take Back What's Mine

(Smackdown Taping) 

Kim: *arrives with dean* 

Dean: I'll see you in a bit. *gives kim a kiss* 

Kim: *smiles at dean* I can't wait to see you again. 

Dean: *chuckles softly* I love you. 

Kim: I love you too. *smiles* 

Dean: *heads to his side* 

Kim: *heads to her side* 

Janet: *fixing kims makeup* Oh my god, is that an engagement ring? 

Kim: *tries to hide it* Oh yeah, it is. *smiles* 

Janet: It's really beautiful. 

Kim: Thanks, Jonathan proposed last night when we were out eating. 

Janet: Dean Ambrose? 

Kim: Yeah. *chuckles* 

Janet: Wow that is really sweet of him. 

Kim: He is, he's a great person, great guy, and has a great heart and soul. *smiles* 

Dean: Does he? 

Kim: *opens her eyes* Jon? *smiles* 

Dean: Yeah, I'm listening. *laughs* 

Janet: *fixing kims makeup* That was really sweet of you Jonathan, Kim's a very beautiful girl too. 

Dean: Yeah, I know she is. *smiles* She looks great with unfinished make up too. 

Janet: Aw, see Kim. 

Kim: *laughs* Thanks. 

Janet: *fixes kims hair* 

Dean: Ugh, I hate that smell, it's getting all over me. I'm gonna go warm up, just come by when you're done. 

Kim: Ok, I'll see you in a bit. 

Dean: Alright. *leaves* 

Summer: Hey Kim. *smiles* 

Kim: Oh hey Summer. 

Summer: Is that new? 

Kim: What? 

Summer: On your hand. *grabs kims hand and looks at the ring* You got engaged? Since when! 

Kim: Last night, but don't tell anyone, Jonathan doesn't like it. 

Summer: I won't, but wow that is beautiful! How much did it cost? 

Kim: 108K. 

Summer: Wow, that is a lot. It's so beautiful, I'm invited to the wedding right? 

Kim: Oh yeah girl you are. Everyone's gonna be invited. *smiles* 

Summer: Aw! *hugs kim* I'm so happy for you and him Kim. It makes me jealous now. 

Kim: Why? *laughs* 

Summer: I want a man like him. 

Kim: Oh you don't, you'll want one more better. 

Summer: Why? What's wrong with him? 

Kim: Nothing, I just meant why want one like mine? He's mine, find a different guy. 

Summer: Oh please, I will. *chuckles* 

Kim: *smiles* Alright then Dani. 

(The Week Of Battleground - RAW) 

Nikki: *in the ring* Six weeks ago, I won this title thanks to Kim. *smiles at kim* 

Kim: *smiles* 

Nikki: And the following week, I retained it at Money in the Bank. This Sunday, I don't have an opponent Kim, why's that? 

Kim: Well you see Nikki. We can find one for you tonight, anyone in the back who wants a piece of Nikki Bella and her divas title. Come on out. 

Brie: *comes out to the ring* 

Nikki: You?! Brie, see you everyone! Brie is a spotlight hogger! She wants everything and she won't even let anyone else take this title. 

Brie: Oh please Nikki. I wasn't here to tell you I want a match. *looks at kim* I just hope that whoever is your opponent for Sunday is strong. *looks at nikki* So be ready Nikki. *leaves the ring* 

Nikki: *attacks brie*  

Brie: *fights back* 

Kim: *helps nikki beat up brie*  

Brie: *pushes kim out the way and beats up nikki* 

Kim: *calls for securities* 

Securities: *takes brie to the back* 

Kim: *helps nikki up* Are you ok? 

Nikki: *pushes kim* I am not ok! I was just attacked by my sister and you just stood there! 

Kim: I tried Nikki, but she pushed me. 

Nikki: *slaps kim* Liar! 

Kim: *on the mat* 

Nikki: *leaves the ring* 

(Smackdown Taping) 

Kim: *comes out to the ring with nikki* 

Nikki: *wrestles Layla* 

Layla: *brawls back with nikki* 

Nikki: *pretends to be hurt* Ref! Ref, I'm hurt. 

Layla: What? 

Ref: *checks on nikki* 

Kim: *gets in the ring and sitout jawbreaks Layla* 

Nikki: *pushes the ref and gets up to rack attacks Layla for the win* 

Kim: *gets in the ring and holds up nikki's hand* 

Nikki: *smiling and looks at kim* 

Kim: *looking at the divas title* 

Nikki: *holds her belt on her shoulder* You want this don't you? 

Kim: *cont. looking at the belt and then nikki* 

Nikki: *pushes kim* You can't have it! 

Kim: *face turns* Right. *leaves the ring first and then turns back and attacks nikki* 

Nikki: *groans and brawls back with kim* 

Kim: *jumps onto nikki and attacks her* 

Nikki: *pushes kim off* 

Kim: *spears nikki and puts her in the cross armbreaker* 

Nikki: *screaming* 

Kim: *puts more pressure* 

Ref: *pulling kim away* 

Kim: *pushes the ref and gets out the ring and grabs the mic* You want to know who your opponent for Battleground is! It's me Nikki! As Executive Administrator, I have the rights and I am the one you'll be facing at Battleground. *smiles and drops the mic* 

Fans: *cheers for kim* 

Kim: *walks to the ramp and to the back* 


Nikki: *comes out with the belt* 

Kim: *comes out next* 

Ref: *starts the match* 

Kim: *quickly headlocks nikki into a sleeperhold* 

Nikki: *breaks out and jawbreakers kim* 

Kim: *falls back onto the mat* 

Nikki: *stomps on kim* You want to backstab me huh! You want to backstab me! *chokes kim with her foot* 

Kim: *kicking against the mat* 

Ref: That's enough Nikki! 

Nikki: Shut up! *grabs kim by the hair and slams her face first onto the mat* 

Kim: *groans and hold her nose* 

Nikki: *smashes kims face onto the mat* 

Kim: *screams* 

Nikki: *smiles at the fans* You like that! You like that huh! *bend over to grabs kims hair* 

Kim: *fisherman hooks nikki* 

Nikki: *groan and holds her back* 

Kim: *knees nikki in the face* 

Nikki: *flies across the ring* 

Kim: *grabs nikki by the hair and climbs the turnbuckle* 

Nikki: No! 

Kim: *tornado ddt's nikki* 

Nikki: *lays out* 

Kim: *gets up and climbs the turnbuckles again* 

Nikki: *lying down* 

Kim: *does a swanton bomb* 

Nikki: *groans and holds her stomach to the side* 

Kim: *fired up* 

Nikki: *gets up* 

Kim: *kicks nikki on the back legs* 

Nikki: *trying to run* 

Kim: *grabs a hold of nikkis hair and slams her to the mat* 

Nikki: *groans and holds her head* 

Kim: *gets on nikki and beats her up* 

Nikki: *pushes kim off and crawls to the ropes* 

Kim: *grabs nikki by the leg and slams her* 

Nikki: *groans and holds her back* 

Kim: *grabs nikki up and goes for a spinbuster* 

Nikki: *groans again* 

Kim: *goes for a cloverleaf* 

Nikki: *screams and tries to crawl to the ropes* 

Kim: *pulls nikki back to the center* 

Nikki: *screaming* No! *crawls back to the rope* 

Kim: *let's go and goes for the stf* 

Nikki: *taps out* 

Ref: *calls for the bell* 

Kim: *grabs the belt and celebrates* 

Stephanie: *comes out to the ring*  

Nikki: *stands up* 

Kim: *stands by the turnbuckle holding the belt* 

Stephanie: *looks at kim* You want to hold the divas title?  

Nikki: *stands behind Stephanie smiling at kim* 

Kim: *confused* 

Stephanie: You can't even defend yourself and stand up for the authority. And you want to call yourself the champ? I don't think so! *turns and slaps nikki* 

Nikki: *falls onto the mat embarrassed* 

Stephanie: Get the hell out my ring Kim. 

Kim: *gets out the ring and heads to the back* 

Stephanie: For time to time you always fail us Nikki! You tried, but you failed each time. And tonight, you proved to everyone that you are not what's best for business. You never were Nikki and you'll never be. Tonight, you showed everyone in attendance, everyone backstage, and the even the ones watching on the WWE Network for $9.99 that you can't represent the divas division.  

Nikki: *starts to cry* 

Stephanie: From now on, you are on your own! No more coming to the authority for help and not just that, but you can kiss your title shots goodbye Nikki. 

Nikki: *crying* No, please don't do that. Give me another chance Stephanie, I promise I can do it. Just give me another match with Kim. 

Stephanie: Another match huh? Since I like you as a person Nikki, I sure will grant you that match tomorrow night on RAW, but if you failed to win. Say goodbye to that title because you won't ever see it again. *music hits and heads out the ring* 

Nikki: *crying in the ring* 

Kim: *backstage* 

Dean: Hey, hey. *smiles big and hugs kim* Congrats on being champ again babe. 

Kim: *smiles* Thanks, it's been forever since I held this title, I'm so glad it's back home again. *chuckles* 

Eden: *walking to kim* 

Dean: *sees eden* I'll give you two some space. *steps aside* 

Eden: Kim, you just won the divas title from Nikki, how are you feeling right now? 

Kim: Right now, I am the happiest I've been since I came back. I've wait to get my hands on this since I came back, but I had some unfinished business first. Now with that over... Eden, I am now a 3x's WWE Divas Champion. I am tied with Eve Torres! *chuckles* I've beaten everyone and even the old ones, but tonight. I've beaten the authority's game. And Stephanie, you want to shove me back at Nikki's throat, go for it! Because I can tell you right now... Nikki, kiss your title shots goodbye because I am winning tomorrow too.  

Eden: Now how did you beat the authority's game? 

Kim: How? Eden. *chuckles* I heard what Stephanie said to Nikki in the office. I'm not stupid, I didn't forget! I out smarted the authority, I took out Nikki before she and Stephanie got to me, but you know... I think the real plan was... Stephanie taking out Nikki Bella. *smiles* And that, that's what's best for business. *walks off*

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