WWE: Road To WrestleMania 3

Road To WrestleMania 3; Kim surprises everyone when she returns from injury. The rivalry between Victoria and Kim continues when Kim continues to taunt Victoria during her matches. Victoria tries to take out Kim again, but instead, Kim causes a loser leaves WWE match down the road. Later down the road, Kim captures the Divas title again, only losing it later to a surprise diva. Kim leaves the WWE to pursue another career.


6. Heel Turned

(Monday Night RAW) 

Jean: Kim, can we talk about your role. 

Kim: Yeah. 

Jean: So you already know, we don't have anything for you right now. You're not getting any push right now, no rivalry storylines. Just nothing. 

Kim: Yeah, I know. 

Jean: But you are too high on the deck that we can't just set you out. So how about this... *cont. telling kim* 

Renee: *interviews kim* Kim, last night Victoria almost had you beaten and destroyed. She was dominating the match and taking control, and at the end, you twisted it and won. Not just that, but you two seemed to made up and became friends. What is your reaction on last night?  

Kim: *smiles* My reaction Renee. *grabs the mic from renee angrily* Ok. *fakes a smiles* First of all, we are not friends, we never were friends Renee. Second, I was not "almost" beaten by Victoria. Third, she was not dominating the match or taking control. And fourth, know the match before saying some stupid things. *hands the mic back to renee* 

Renee: O... ok. I'm sorry, I'm sorry I asked and said that Kim. I really am. 

Kim: You know, it's been a minute since I had a match on RAW. I think I should chose my own opponent tonight, who do you think it should be? 

Renee: Well, I was thinking you can... 

Kim: No, I got one. *smiles* Thanks though. *walks off* 

Renee: *walks off the other direction* 

Kim: *attacks renee* 

Renee: *screams* 

Kim: *pulls renee by the hair and drags her on the floor to the ring* 

Renee: *screaming/kicking off her shoes* 

Kim: *pulls renee up by the hair* 

Ref: Let her go Kim! 

Kim: Shut your mouth and go start this match! *cont. pulling renee to the ring* 

Renee: *screaming* 

Ref: * runs to the ring and starts the match* 

Kim: *tosses renee to the barricade* 

Renee: *leans forward and holds her head then leans on the barricade* 

Kim: *runs and knees renee in the head to the barricades* 

Renee: *falls over to the side* 

Kim: *grabs renee by the hair* You want to have the guts and try to talk down on me huh! Well have guts to fight back! *slams renees head against the barricades* 

Renee: *holds her had lying down* 

Kim: *pushes lilian and takes her chair* 

Ref: That's enough Kim! *calls the match off* 

Renee: *crawling off to the ramp* 

Kim: *puts the chair down and runs after renee and grabs her by the hair* 

Fans: *boos kim* 

Kim: Shut up! *tosses renee across the announcers table* 

Renee: *flies across the commentary table* 

Jerry: Oh no, are you ok Renee? 

JBL: Now this is what I'm talking about, this is the Kim I love. *laughs* God bless you Kim! 

Kim: *goes and picks up renee and tosses her over the barricade* 

Renee: *gets up and runs* 

Kim: *throws the chair at renee* 

Renee: *falls onto the concrete* 

Kim: *drags renee by the hair up the stairs* 

Fans: *boos loudly* 

Michael: Wow, something in Kim snapped. 

JBL: I love this side of her. *smiles* 

Renee: *bites onto kims arm* 

Kim: *screams*  

Renee: *looks at kim* 

Kim: *slaps renee* 

Renee: *groans and holds her cheek* 

Kim: *about to grabs renee* 

Renee: *spits in kims face and runs back down the stairs* 

Kim: *pushes renee* 

Renee: *screams and tumbles down the stairs* 

Kim: *looks at renee tumbling and then heads up the stairs* 

Fans: *boos* 

(Smackdown Taping) 

Summer: *I can't believe you took that beating Renee, that must of hurt. 

Renee: It did Summer! I am so sore! I've never been this sore and injured my life! 

Summer: Well just be prepared, who knows when she's gonna attack again, how are you feeling by the way? 

Renee: Oh my god, you fought her before! She hits like a guy! 

Summer: Yeah, she has hard punches, rough throws, and strong slams. 

Renee: I don't want to wrestle her, I don't even wrestle. 

Summer: Neither was Lana, she did it. 

Renee: Yeah, but... 

Kim: Hey Renee. *smiles* 

Renee: Hey. 

Kim: Listen, I just want to apologize for Monday's reaction. I took your question and comment way over the board, and I am so sorry, I feel so bad. Can you forgive me? Please? 

Renee: *looks at summer then kim* Yeah, I can. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles and hugs renee* Thank you Renee. You're the best. *gives renee a kiss on the cheek and walks off* 

Summer: What was that? 

Renee: I don't know. 

(Later On) 

Kim: *facing paige* 

Paige: *wins with the paige turner* 

Kim: *lying in the ring* 

Paige: *carries her belt and poses on the turnbuckles* 

Kim: *gets up and pulls paige by the hair and attacks her* 

Ref: *pulls kim away* 

Kim: *slaps the ref and viciously cont. attacking paige* 

Securities: *runs out and carries kim to the back* 

(Monday Night RAW) 

Kim: *opens raw with a promo* 

Fans: *boos* 

Kim: *gets upset* C'mon, you guys! I already apologized to Renee on Smackdown! She forgave me! *smiles* So should you guys yeah?! *smiles bigger* 

Fans: *boos again* 

Kim: *makes an annoyed* Oh right, the divas champion... Paige! *smiles* Right? 

Fans: *cheers* 

Kim: I don't owe her an apology. Did you guys not see her! She defeated me with her stupid pto! I had the rights to attack her and be upset with her! She stole my divas title! *crosses her arms upset* And, and not just that, but she's getting the spotlight now that I turned on her! What is wrong with you guys! I should be getting the spotlights! I held that title for 344 days before losing it! 

Fans: *boos loudly* 

Kim: *gets irritated* You know, you guys are all fake! Fake fans and a fake universe! You guys cheered me when was I was kicking asses in the ring and the moment I went more violent, you guys decide to boo me! If you were really my fans you all wouldn't be booing me!  

Fans: *boos again* 

Kim: *angry* Stop booing me! *screams and throws a tantrum* Stop it!  

Fans: *laughs and boos again* 

Kim: *screams and runs out the ring to the back* 

Fans: *booing* 

Kim: *backstage* 

Stephanie: Wow, you really sold it out there Kim. *laughs* 

Kim: *laughs* I almost broked character for a second screaming. 

Stephanie: Thank god you didn't right? I'm so proud of you Kim. You never fail to let us down on your assigned jobs. 

Kim: If you want a job so badly, you have to work hard for it and that's what I've been doing since day one Steph. 

Stephanie: Yes you have. *laughs again* 

Triple H: Wow, the fans really hates you tonight Kim. 

Kim: *chuckles* Yeah, they do and it's crazy how they can go from loving to hating in just 2 seconds. 

Triple H: I know, it's crazy right? 

Kim: Yeah. *laughs* 

Triple H: Well, you're excused until next week, get the rest, go check up with Dr. Adams. 

Kim: *smiles* Thanks, see you guys Monday. *leaves*

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