Fault in our livez

What if you wert who you thought you were
When the moon angles get noticed on YouTube and learn that they were taken And are kicked out
What will they do


3. out of places

The next day we headed out with four bags each (we have a lot of clothes) and headed out.

I'm hungry I complained to grace

When are you not , you are like a girl version of niall

Ice cream everyone Yes please I screamed

When we were sitting down with our ice cream Madison spoke up

So what the fuck is our plan now

There was great moment of silence and tori suggested let's go to the hospital and find out who we actually are and then look for an place to stay at .

I was finished first when I saw an group of girls around ten boys. I grabed graces hand and ran out . Science we are so small we were able to sneak thought to see who it was

One direction and 5 seconds of summer

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