Fault in our livez

What if you wert who you thought you were
When the moon angles get noticed on YouTube and learn that they were taken And are kicked out
What will they do


2. English love whill were young

So I do drums and Madison play bass and you two I reddened to the ones eating my food wait what. STOP EATUNG MY Food and grace your lead and tori play other gaiters. And go

We all ran around getting our instruments ready for our YouTube video of one direction and 5 seconds of summer songs.

Ready I asked ready they said

One two three go

Hey girl I love your love affair

Thanks guys and we are the moon angles

As soon as we were done our evil queen came up and simply said / yelled at us

You guys are driving me nuts so here we go

Your adopted/kidnapped and I'm kicking you out so you have one day to pack up everything of yours and get out

We all just sat there like what the duck tail

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