Silverwood's Secret

There were always stories about an ancient secret, hidden behind the Silverwood Estate, but that's all they were to Amy. Stories, lost in the sands of time and the ignorance of humanity. So when Victoria Rhye mysteriously disappears from her home late Friday night, Amy doesn't hesitate to follow a lead deep into the forest at Silverwood, along with her good friends Jordan and Leon. What they find there was definitely not the answers they were expecting.


3. Silverwood Estate

Around midnight everyone decided to head home. Well, except Jordan, Leon, and myself. Even Max gave up saying it was his fault Victoria disappeared, that he should just leave her alone. So, just the three of us headed to the last place she could possibly be. Silverwood Estate.

Silverwood Estate is an abandoned home on the outskirts of town. The Monroes', Silverwood's founding family, had lived there until they mysteriously disappeared one day, leaving no trace. The enormous house had been stripped of anything valuable and left to rot and gather stories. Some say it was haunted; others say strange creatures roam the forests. Of course, none of these stories were true. They were just made up by teenagers that were bored out of there mind.

As we headed up the front steps I noticed something. A small dark spot on the steps, shaped exactly like a footprint. I called for Jordan and Leon.

"What is it?", Leon asked.

"It's a footprint.", I answered.

"No, I mean what is it?", he said.

"I don't think it's dirt, if that's what you're asking.", Jordan said.

I hadn't thought of that. Now that I moved closer, it looked an awful lot like...blood. Dried blood. The three of us shared a knowing look. Victoria or not, something went on here. We decided to look around awhile longer. I started to inspect a small shed outside.

Leon's scream echoed around the trees, making the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I sprinted through the snow, Jordan following closely behind. Leon was sitting in the snow, staring at a bloody, mangled body.

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