Silverwood's Secret

There were always stories about an ancient secret, hidden behind the Silverwood Estate, but that's all they were to Amy. Stories, lost in the sands of time and the ignorance of humanity. So when Victoria Rhye mysteriously disappears from her home late Friday night, Amy doesn't hesitate to follow a lead deep into the forest at Silverwood, along with her good friends Jordan and Leon. What they find there was definitely not the answers they were expecting.


1. Preface

I can't hear my own footsteps over the sound of my pounding heart as I run through the snow, which is at my ankles now. My pursuer is gaining ground. I expected that. After all, he's always been a fast runner, that's why he hasn't given up yet. He knows I'll tire out soon enough. He knows when I do I'll turn to fight. I know it's a fight I can't win. However, what he doesn't know is that I know exactly where I'm going.

Up ahead is a cliff, completely surrounded by a thick fog. If I stop and hide behind a tree before he catches up there's a possibility that he'll run off the edge. I'll only have a small opportunity to make this work, so I speed up, forcing all my energy on running.

Slowly, his breath stops running down my neck. Almost there!, I tell myself. I risk looking behind me as we enter the fog, scanning for his figure. Nothing! Now's my chance! I jumped behind the nearest pine, pressing myself against the rough bark. I'm only a few steps away from the edge now. I held my breath as I heard the crunch of snow on feet. He slowed down, coming to a stop. Dammit!

The sound gets closer and closer, until I can tell he's found me. Time slows and I think of all the people who will miss me. Unanswered questions race through my mind: Will they find me or will the snow conceal my horrible fate? I could only hope that a dragon will fly out of the sky to save me before I hit the ground.

One step to the edge. Two. Three. Then I'm running again, and before I can think...I jump. I hear the wind rushing past my ears as the ground rises up to meet me. My heart stops. Then all is black.


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