This is a story. My story. All about me. My life. Hi, I'm Sierra. I'm in 7th grade. I also curse a lot. Let's move on to more about me. I ...


1. 1. About me

This is a story. My story. All about me. My life. 

Hi I'm Kierra Jones. I'm in 7th grade at Rockwood Middle. Imperfect I shall say I am. Let's move on.

Who I am, let's see, shall we.

1. Obviously I'm a girl

2. I'm 5 ft 7. Really tall huhh? [ I have a Growths Spurt everywhere. :(. ]

3. I look like I'm fuckin' 15. (Only 12)

4. I'm sure not the skinniest girl. But I'm proud to be who I am. {NOT!}

5. I'd rather take the biggest pill over getting a shot. [i'm also random].

6. I cut and attempted suicide once.

7. I hate school. Also my grades are dropping.

8. I have 2 sisters. Karoline [10 yrs] and Karmen [5 yrs]. And 2 brothers. Kaleb [37 yrs] and Kobi [2 yrs].

9. I live in a Apartment with my Aunt. cousin, Parents, 2 sisters and 1 brother. [my other brother has a family of his own, which i love to death].

and 10. You will find out more about me through this story, eventually.


It's Oct. 3, 2014. I wake up to the song Anaconda. It's what my sister set up for my 6 am alarm every morning. I start getting ready. Brushing my teeth, other hygiene stuff. The usual. Choosing the perfect outfit. [i was in such a good mood. T.G.I.F.] Only to realize .. I had a doctor's appointment to early to go the school first. And that I had wasted 20 minutes of sleep. I sadly and slowly turn off my closet lights, going back to bed. I then had to later wake up at 7 am to help Karmen get ready for school. ''Hi, Kierra'' she says with her unpleasant morning breath. ''Hi, Good sleep?'' I ask. ''No, I was with Freddy again.'' she says in sorrow. I respond in silence.


I rush her to the bathroom to do '' the usual '' and then dress for school. A black kitty cat tee with a pair of new skinny jeans and high tops. ''Kierra'' she says in question.  ''Yeeees Karmen'' I say annoyed. ''Why are you not at .''. ''Doctor's appointment'' I say interrupting her, knowing that question would come. ''Why?'' she continues. I ignored her. I just want sleep. Sleep, sleep and more sleep.

''Hi, Kierra. What happened after I passed out last night.'' ''Well, I had fun, took your iPod and played games. Then passed out eventually.''  I say. ''Sounds fun.'' ''Yup''. I finally finish up with Karmen. Seconds later I belly flop onto my bed trying to resume to my sleep. 





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