My Best Friend

Luke came closer to me " I know we been best friends sense we were 5, but I feel like I want more"

I started blushing " More? "

Luke's eyes were full of love " I'm falling for you Jayla "

Right then and there, I leaned in and kissed my best friend



"Luke" I whisper and he turns to me smiling

"What's up?"

"Can I talk to you?"

"Um... Ok" he gave me a worried look and followed me upstairs to my room

"What's wrong?" He puts his arms around my waist

"This" I gesture to what he's doing and back away from him


"Luke we have to stay friends" I say looking away


"I think it would be better, i don't want to go through the celebrity drama and if we get a dramatic breakup it can ruin our friendship"

He sits on the foot of my bed looking down

"Luke" I sit next to him

"I get it, friends?" He said looking at me with a small smile

"Best Friends" I smile and hug him tight, I'm glad he understands

Luke's POV

I can't believe it

She just wants to be friends

Can't she see I love her?

More than friends

But, maybe it would be better

I don't know...

I decided to lift her up and spin her around, we did this all the time anyways

"Luke!" She squealed and laughed

Her laugh is heaven

I slammed her on her bed and tickled her

She slapped me away "You get away from me"

I pouted my lips "Your mean"

Jaylas POV

I'm glad we are acting like friends again

But it's so hard not jumping on him and kissing him

Of course I still love him

But it's for the best

Hey guys! I'm not sure if I want to continue this anymore, I posted this book two months ago and it only has 14 reads and no comments

My new one Dark Love I post has 18 reads in 2 days sooooo yeah

I'm gonna focus on Dark Love and maybe I'll get back to this book another time

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