My Best Friend

Luke came closer to me " I know we been best friends sense we were 5, but I feel like I want more"

I started blushing " More? "

Luke's eyes were full of love " I'm falling for you Jayla "

Right then and there, I leaned in and kissed my best friend



I woke up in a car with Skylar driving and Michael with her in the front

My head was laying on Luke's lap and he was playing with a strand of my hair

He let it drop and saw he made a small braid

He picked up another piece if hair and started braiding

I smiled, I taught him how to braid when we were in 3rd grade

Ever sense I taught him, mischief little Luke went to ANYone with long enough hair and started to braid their hair

I stood up slowly and yawned

Luke smiled "you awake?"

"No I died in my sleep and now I'm back from the dead"

He smiled his perfect smile

Skylar noticed me awake

"Oh good your awake!"

I yawned "what time is it?"

She shrugged " at least 9 I think, I'm dropping you off at target where we left your car"

Once we got to Target I got out of Skylar's car

"Bye Sky"


She drove off and noticed that Michael didn't came out. And Ashton, Calum, and Marilyn were no where to be found.

I guess Luke can tell I was wondering where everyone else is

"Ashton and Calum went to drive Marilyn home sense she fell asleep too"

"How are they gonna get home if they are using her car?"

"They said not to worry and the will find a way"

I laughed "that makes me worried"

I realized I was still in that bikini so I took out my keys and opened the trunk and grabbed my cardigan and wrapped it around me

I was going to go to the drivers seat but Luke stopped me

"Let me drive"


"Your half asleep you have your eyes half open"

I didn't argue and gave him the keys, guess I am tired

When we got in the car he looked at me sweetly

"Jayla I'm glad we came to visit, I really missed you"

I blushed and smiled "me too"

I woke up in my bed. I guess I feel asleep and he carried me to my bed.

I saw I still had my bikini on and cardigan

I went and took a shower and brushed my teeth

I walked out of the bathroom with my towel around me

My room was two rooms away from the bathroom and the doors were closed

I quickly walked to my room but I bumped into someone...ASHTON

"Sorry!" I said quickly and walked passed him into my room closing my door.

I hear him chuckle "it's fine love"

My face was hot red. I was stupid to not bringing clothes with me knowing there are four other guys here

I put on a sweater sense it was kind of cold today, leggings, and a beanie

I walked down stairs to see the tv on and Ashton, Calum, and Michael taking over the tv

It was MY house and ever sense they got here they get to pick their stupid shows!

I saw Michael had the remote so I snatch it from him


I stuck my tongue out at him "My turn"

I feel the remote snatched from my hand, I turn around and see Calum

Calum smirked "sense when?"

I tackled him to the ground and took the remote from his hand

"Sense now"

Then Ashton lifted me up and slammed me on the coach and took the remote the fell from my hand

I threw a pillow at his face and I tackled him as i rode on his back trying to get the remote from his hand

Luke came down stairs to see us all tackling each other

"What's going on?"

We all stopped

"Fighting for the remote"

Michael looked around "where is it?"

I stood up with the remote in my hand "I have it"

Calum jumped up "give it!"

"Nope! I'm gonna watch How I met your Mother"

Luke jumped up and down "yes!"

Ashton, Calum, and Michael crossed their arms "no"

"Yes we are" Luke growled

"Yeah" I added "if you want it come and get it"

Michael laughed "that will be easy sense there is three of us and two of you"

In the end, me and Luke ended up winning, I knew the three of them sense 9th grade. So I knew their weakness and soft spots

We watched about 4 episodes of How I Met your Mother when we admitted were bored

We stop by the mall and start hanging out there, but we spent 10 minutes running from a group of crazy fans while I tried to convince them to leave them alone that it's there only time to have a break

We just came out of Starbucks when, of course we saw Skylar at the mall with her hot older brother Cole.

I don't think Michael knew that was her older brother when I saw him tense as he saw him

"Relax" I whisper "that's her older brother"

"Whew that's good hear" Michael sighed with relief

"Hey Skylar!" I walked up to her

"Hey Jayla! You remember Cole right?"

"Yeah I do" Cole was really hot but Luke was hotter

Oh Crap Jayla! C'mon Luke is a friend! Stop thinking about his hotness!

Cole smiled "hey Jayla, you looking good"

"Uhuuuh thanks" I stuttered "you to"

Luke quickly came up to me "hey Jayla me and the boys are gonna check something out really quick"

I nod "ok, I'll met you at...."

"Parking lot" Luke said

"Parking lot?" Why would he want meet there? We just got here

"You'll see" Luke smiled

"Ok then"

Cole turned and walked off to another direction

Skylar look backed at him "where are you going?"

"Some where"

Skylar rolled her eyes and focused back on me "Forever 21?"

I smiled "sure"

She clapped her hands and we went inside the store

She was looking the jewelry and I was focused on the store across from there. At Urban Outfitters there was that dress I always wanted

Skylar interrupted my thoughts

"How did you meet?"

I looked at her "meet who?"

"Luke and the rest... I don't think you ever told me"

"Oh" I started "well I met Luke in daycare, I first hated him because he stole my building blocks but then I became friends with him after he apologized and gave me his cookie" I look at that moment....

Luke had his blue eyes with messy blonde hair "We became best friends after that and did everything together, in 5th grade I found out about his talent of singing and in middle school I knew he had another group of friends. He never introduced me to them because he thought that we would not get along and fight to see who would be the better friend. He finally let me meet them on the first day of high school. We were all freshman, except for Ashton who was a junior, we all clicked and became a big group of friends. Then, their band got discovered and now I barely see them."

Hey guys! Jayla here, I hope you like it so far! It might take awhile before the next part of the chapter because I'm working on another book at the same time. I will probably have it by next week. Love you guys!💋

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