My Best Friend

Luke came closer to me " I know we been best friends sense we were 5, but I feel like I want more"

I started blushing " More? "

Luke's eyes were full of love " I'm falling for you Jayla "

Right then and there, I leaned in and kissed my best friend


9. New chapter

"So where did you and Luke go?" Skyler asks, I was talking on the phone with her in my room

"Umm...we went to our favorite spot when we were kids"


"And we kissed"


"You kissed?" Skyler says

"Yeah...and slept with him...we didn't have sex but...yeah"

"Jayla! You can't date your best friend!"

Whoa... I cant?

"Why not?"

She sighs in the phone "I mean, you been through everything with him and you knew him sense you were like 5? He's kind of like your brother, and you can't sleep with your brother"

Wow...when you put it that way....

Shit, I made a mistake

She's right

I have to talk to Luke

"I'll talk to you later Sky"

"Kay Kay bye Jay"


I hang up and sigh, how will I say this to Luke?

Hey guys!!! I need to know if you think Marilyn should get over Luke and go to Calum, or she keeps liking him and gets with him after Jayla breaks up with him. Let me know on the wall

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