My Best Friend

Luke came closer to me " I know we been best friends sense we were 5, but I feel like I want more"

I started blushing " More? "

Luke's eyes were full of love " I'm falling for you Jayla "

Right then and there, I leaned in and kissed my best friend


8. New chapter

It's like 5pm now and I'm waiting on the parking lot with Skyler

"Where are they?"

Skyler checks her time "They better hurry"

We hear motorcycles and turn to see the boys, on motorcycles!

They stop next to us "Hey Girls!" Ashton smirks

"What the hell are you guys riding!" Skyler shrieks

"It's fine babe" Michael begins "Hop in"

"Ok" she murmurs and slowly sits on the back seat if the motorcycle and puts her arms around Michael

"C'mon Jayla" Luke patted the back seat of the motorcycle

I shoot him a glare "No"

"C'mon! Don't you trust me?" He said, ahh those blue eyes

"Fine" I hop on behind him. And wrap my arms around his waist

I jump a little by the loud engine of the motorcycle and I can feel the wind blowing on my face

My head rested on top of Luke's shoulder and I feel warm and tingly

Here... with Luke

Who knows how long we were riding, it felt like forever

All I know is that we stopped, I opened my eyes and see it's just us, me and Luke

It was our special place, we use to go to this place sense 3rd grade

He gets off and helps me out, "Why are we here?" I ask

"It's been awhile" he said and take my hand "c'mon"

We walk to the fence and see the small beach and the ocean

There was a bench and I sit down, he does too

"It's so beautiful" I whisper "it's been so long"

"Yeah" he says "wish I was home more often"

I just smile at him "it's not your fault Mr. Celebrity"

He laughed and twirled a piece of my hair leaning closer

I feel his breath and I freeze "Luke" I whisper

He stands immediately "I'm sorry!"

"For what?"


He shakes his head and I stand up

"What is it Luke?"

"I want to kiss you Jayla" he says quickly

"... Kiss?" I feel my heart beating faster

Luke came closer to me "I know we been best friends sense we were 5 but, I want to be more"

I blush "more?"

Luke's eyes are full of love "I'm falling for you Jayla"

Right then and there, I leaned in and kissed my best friend

Our lips move in sync and his hands rub against my back

My fingers play with his hair and he moans in my lips, then he takes my hips and moves them closer to his and now we are both moaning

We finally stop and look in each other's eyes, he so full of love right now

He touches my cheek "I love you Jayla"

I never felt so happy in my life

When we get home we see the boys asleep on the couch, it's pretty late

"Shh" I whisper "they're sleeping"

"Good" he kisses my lips and he carries me upstairs

He lays me on my bed and locks my door, I take off my shirt and Luke leans in and kisses my neck

I moan softly and play with the buttons on his pants, he smiles and lets them slide off

He rips off his shirt and takes off my jeans, his kisses go down to my thighs and I feel his tongue

His tongue traveled inside my thighs and I moan louder

I unlatch my bra and he come back up and our tongues dance with each other

His hips were on mine and he moves them around, we both moan out

I don't remember what happened after that... But it was the best night ever

When I wake up I see Luke sleeping peacefully

I smile as I lay my head on his bare chest

We didn't really DO IT, we still had our underwear on

I decided to get up, I got up and put my bra back on

I feel my arm getting pulled back and I turn to see Luke

"Come back to bed" he moaned

"Nope" I said kissing his cheek

He just smiled and got up too, he went through his luggage and pulled out some of his boxers

He sits back on my bed and throw it at me "put it on"


"Just put it on over your underwear"

I was confused but I did

"Wow these are nice, where you get them?" I said teasing him

"American Apparel"

Oh, now I see what he's doing. It was cute though

"Wow now all you need is my name tattooed in an arrow heart"

I said slipping off his underwear, I throw back at him

He just laugh and winked at me "maybe I will"

I come back to the bed with him and we make out for a bit

The blanket is over us and we cuddled for a bit, then I swear my heart jumped out my chest when I hear my door open

Shit! I thought it was locked! Me and Luke look and see Calum

Hey Jayla! Have you seen Lu-"

He just stares at us, his face completely blank

"Uh..." Well how do I say this?

Calum just took a step back and closed the door

Then, we can hear him laugh a little "I knew it" we hear him whisper

Me and Luke just look at each other and began to laugh

We quickly get dressed and run downstairs to see the rest of the boys, did Calum tell them?

"Hey where you last night Luke?"

"I uhh...."

"He feel asleep in the bathroom!" I said quickly

"Uhh yeah" Luke says giving me a REALLY look

Michael laughed "Sounds like you"

Calum just snorted, how come he didn't tell them?

Then I feel my phone vibrate, I check it and see it's a text from Calum

Calum: Don't worry, your secret is safe with me😏😉

Hey guys! Bad news😔 my grades are dropping so I need to focus more. A new update will come soon but after that, no more. Until I make my grades better I can't update. So sorry😔❤️

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