My Best Friend

Luke came closer to me " I know we been best friends sense we were 5, but I feel like I want more"

I started blushing " More? "

Luke's eyes were full of love " I'm falling for you Jayla "

Right then and there, I leaned in and kissed my best friend


6. New chapter

The boys were performing on the beach!

Skylar ran to the area where the crowd if screaming girls were

"Mikey!" You can hear her squeal

Marilyn locked her eyes on Luke and followed Skylar.

I felt a stinging pain of jealously, but I laid a towel down and sat in the sun

Minutes later I feel a hand on my shoulder

I turn to see a very cute muscular boy

"Hey I'm Shaun"


"Your Jayla right?"

"Uhhh yah how you know?"

"I was at Skylar's party last night"

I smiled he was very cute

"Your cute" I wanted to slap my self!

He blushed and whispered in my ear "then I can do this"

He picked me up and tried to kiss me

"What the hell are you doing?!"

He put my down and dragged me to the back of the bathroom stallsand pushed me against the wall

"I wanted to kiss you when I first saw you at that party Jayla"

His lips touched mine but I bit his lip

"Your crazy!"

He held me tighter and I wouldn't let go

He smashed his lips into mine and muffled the word help


Shaun turned and saw Luke

Shaun still had a tight grip on me

"Let me go Shaun!"

Shaun had a smirk on his face

"After I take care of Mr.Celebrity"

Luke walked up to him

"Let her go bitch"

Shaun chuckled "What are you gonna do?"

Luke punched him hard on the face and kicked his crotch

Shaun laid flat on the sand as Luke beat the crap out of him

Shaun got up with a bloody nose and ran off

Luke looked at me carefully "are you ok?"

I hugged him tight "ohmigod thank you!"

Luke hugged back "You sure your ok?"

"I'm fine"

He let go of the hug and looked up and down

"Whoa you look.... Kinda hot"

Ok NOW I was blushing like crazy and he noticed


After I out runned a bunch of girls, I met up with the boys and saw Michael making out with Skylar

Ashton came up to me

"Have you seen Jayla?"

I shook my head and looked at Skylar

"Isn't she suppose to spend the day with you today?"

Michael put his kisses down her neck so she can talk

"Yah Jaylas here, I think I saw her near the bathro.....s"

She was interrupted as Michael put his lips back on hers

I rolled my eyes "Ill go look sense I got to the bathroom anyways"

I walked of and was blocked by a cute blonde.... I recognize her... Marilyn

She batted her eyes "great singing Luke"

"Thanks but I go to do something"

I walk around her and saw the bathrooms

She wasn't there, but I heard noise behind them

I walked there, I can hear Jayla

"Your crazy!"

Then I heard her muffle the word help.

I looked and saw some dude pinning Jayla on the wall kissing her and saw her struggling to break free

"HEY" I yelled

He look back at me and smirked

"Let me go Shaun!" I hear Jayla

His eyes looked up and down at me

"After I take care of Mr. Celebrity"

I was mad now

I walked up to him

"Let her go bitch!"

He chuckled "what are you gonna do?"

I punched him hard in the face and he fell to the ground.

I kicked him hard I'm the crotch and kicked his nose.

He got up bloody nosed and all and ran off

I see Jayla, her eyes big

"Are you ok?"

She put her arms around me

"Oh mi god thank you!"

I hugged her back "are you sure your ok?"

"I'm fine"

I let go and see her... In a bikini

She looked really sexy

"Whoa you look..... Hot" I wanted to slap my self!

She blushed and it was really cute

"Let's go find the others"


I followed Luke

"So why were you guys performing on the beach?"

He shrugged "bored"

I laughed "how did you get those instruments on the beach?"

He looked at me "we found those fans"

I smiled and looked deep in his perfect blue eyes

Ugh but he's your BEST FRIEND! Snap out of it Jayla

I couldn't risk hurting our friendship

We saw the others and decided to stay at the beach

Then Luke lifted me up bridal style, so did Michael with Skylar and Calum with Marilyn

"What are you guys doing?"

The boys looked at each other smiling and ran towards the water

"No!" We squealed, and the boys threw us in the ocean

The boys came in with us and Michael tried to put his arms around Skylar to kiss her but she pushed away crossing her arms

"I'm soweey baby" he said batting his eyes

Skylar smiled "I forgive you"

He tried to lean in and kiss her but she pushed him off

"You have to earn that"

We played around in the water and you can tell that Marilyn likes Luke and tried to flirt as much as possible

I couldn't help but be jealous

Poor Calum, you can tell he likes Marilyn but she's all over Luke

It got very late and we left, but all I remember is falling asleep on the sand

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