My Best Friend

Luke came closer to me " I know we been best friends sense we were 5, but I feel like I want more"

I started blushing " More? "

Luke's eyes were full of love " I'm falling for you Jayla "

Right then and there, I leaned in and kissed my best friend


11. Me?

Jayla's POV

"Can't believe you still have that shirt Ashton" Calum says. Ashton is wearing his ugly purple shirt he wore to audition for the band

"This shirt is so bad ass" Ashton replies "Besides, this shirt brings back so many memories Calum" he hugs Calum, then Calum makes a face and pushes him away

"Eww cooties" Calum squeaks and I giggle

I look to see Ashton staring at me

That very second he looked away smiling big, does Ashton like me?

I did have a huge crush on him a few years back but that could be just a smile

"I'm bored" Michael whines as he enters...with Luke

I smile at Luke and he just nods and sits down next to Calum

"Let's go hiking" Ashton suggests and Michael groans

"Can we do anything that requires laziness?" He asks sitting next me, he puts his head on my shoulder and does a fake snore.

I roll my eyes "Good idea Ash, and Mikey here can just stay here all day and sleep" Michael glares up at me

"Fine okay"

"Yay!" Ashton squeals and we all get ready

I just had my legging and workout bra when someone opens the door

Damn it why am I always forgetting to lock the door?

"Oh, sorry" of course it was Luke

"No it's fine" I tuck a piece of my hair behind me ear and he shifts his feet

"I left my suitcase know my...clothes"

Flashbacks of that amazing night came back, damn it I love him.

"Yeah" I say and when he reaches over and grabs it, I grab his hand and stare in his eyes

I then pull him in for a hug, he hugs back holding me close

"You know I love you" I whisper


Luke's POV

Just not in the way I want her too

" I don't want things to be awkward. We are still best friends no matter what right? Let's have fun" she releases the hug and I look into those beautiful brown eyes

"I know Jay, let's" I smile and she smiles big

God it's so hard not to look down at her chest. She looks so beautiful right now

Her hair wavy and she wore very little makeup which made her eyes and soft lips stand out. I wanted to her, but I can't

"Let's have fun" I finish with a small smile and she pecks my cheek

sigh, I take my suitcase and go back to my room to change

Soon we are all downstairs, Jayla just added a tank top over the workout bra

I'm a little upset about that

"Where are the keys?" Ashton asks and Jayla holds up her hand holding them

"I hav them, I'm driving" She says with an innocent smile and walks through the door

I notice Ashton checking her out. Calum just raised an eyebrow and smirks. Michael chuckles at her remark but I don't know what his dirty mind is thinking

We all get in the car and we quickly get to our destination, she's a really good driver.

Once we get out we see the trails ahead of us

Jayla giggles "Let's go!" and she runs up a trail

"Can't we walk?" Michael whines and then Jayla disappears and we hear her voice


"YOU HAVE A PLAYSTATION?" We all yell out 


Michael zoomed up the trails like a cheetah as we follow

The trails were fun, we went through caves, saw turtles and hawks, Calum feel in a little river

Soon we got lost, and it was like a billion degrees 

"What do we do now?" Calum asks

"Can't we walk back the way we came from instead?" I suggest

"We can get more lost doing that" Ashton says and I sigh

"I need a towel or something" Michael groans and Jayla takes off her tank top leaving herself in her workout bra

"Here" She offers it to Michael and we all stare at her beautiful curvy body

"Thanks" Michael takes it and looks down quick and back up

Calum stared at her chest and Ash eyes went up and down

I just stared at her beautiful face, I've already seen her body ;)

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