My bestfriends band

My best friend is Niall and I'm meeting his band for once! Awesome I finally get to meet Louis,Harry,Liam, and oh god Zyan but what happened to me when I fell in love with all of them


1. hanging with my boy

**Lily Ann's pov**

I was at the air port waiting for Niall to get off the plan I was so happy because it's been a couple if years sense me and him last hanged out together cause of his stupid band the only time I was able really talk to him was if we were up at the same time. Nialls mum told him she was going to pick him up but she was at home making a big meal and hoping I would get and of course I said yes.


After about an hour the boys plane finally got here I was playing a game on my phone as the boys walked out, I looked up and saw Niall I started walking over to him and once he saw me I ran to him and jumped into his arms "Niall I missed you so much!!!" I squealed and hugged him tightly "lily I missed you too" he said hugging back and kissing my cheek after our hug I looked at the guys watching us "um hi I'm Lilly Ann, Nialls best friend" I smiled sweetly at they guys "hello I'm Harry" he had curly brown hair and the cutest dimples "I'm Louis" he was ok looking but he had that mustache stile going on "I'm Liam" he look like he could be my other best friend cause he's sweet so far "and I'm Zyan nice to meet you love" I blushed a little and god was he cute he had a blonde streak in his hair and he had tattoos can't wait to show him my batman tattoo "well let's go grab your stuff guys so we go to Nialls and go eat" I smiled and started walking to the bags looking down it seemed like they had no clue who I was. After grabbing the bags we went to my truck and put everything in the back Niall sat in back with Louis,Harry and Liam while Zyan say next to after about an hour drive all the boys fell asleep I smiled looking at all of them

**nialls pov**

It was wonderful seeing lily ann again I mean she changed a hole lot I mean damn she looked hot in what she was wearing but it looked like her Zyan had a thing and that was ok with me but he can't hurt her. When I heard lily yell my name I woke up and looked around to see we're we where "wake up lady's" lily laughs hitting everyone of his and we all got out and grabbed our bag

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