A love story from when a geek Louis Tomlinson met his true love the most popular kid in school harry styles


5. you what ?

Chapter 5




as i walked towards louis i felt my self blush all over, i pulled him closer wispered in his ear "im gay and i want to yours forever" i felt louis pull away i started to worry about what he was gonna say but he didn't say anything he just blushed then said "shh baby" in to my ear and he pulled me closer.





i pulled harry closer and kissed him. i thourght this day would never come i thought to my self but then rememberd that harry can read thoughts a little bit, when the kiss ended he pulled me in this time for a kiss. while we were kissing two of harrys friends walked in and ran to harry and started to slap him and say "harry your  drunk go home " and the other "harry you shouldnt even be talking to this weirdo let alone kissing him" at that i felt hurt and broken , but harry didnt nodd and walk away he put his hands under my thiegs and wispered "jump" into my ear so i did jump and he lifted me up on to his waist and kissed my neck, then he said "nope im not  drunk im in love" but then niall barged in and said "guys quick liams co ohh opps

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