A love story from when a geek Louis Tomlinson met his true love the most popular kid in school harry styles


4. showing niall around



as we walked into the main building we walked past the office and said hi to the lady behind the desk 

first we showed niall were the toilets were and then to  room 1 we didnt go in because they were teaching in there and we walked to room 2 and because miss Amber wasnt teaching and she was mine and harrys form teacher we knocked and walked in she greeted us with a smile and a friendly "Hello, you must be Niall" niall just nodded and said "correct"

harry said "can Niall have his time table so we can see what classes he has got to see who will look after him while we are in lessons this after noon" Miss Amber got up and walked to the back of the class room and i folowed her she opened her big cupboard with all the papers and handed me nialls time table  i squeled as i read it "niall has exactly the same classes as you and i harry " i squeled and ran to niall and harry to show them "YES" harry shouted  and me and niall laughed a little because we knew that the class next door could hear him and then suddnley Mr Stanley stormed in to the room and shouted at harry then walked out the room to return to his class, we all started laughing  and we all said "thank you" to Miss Amber and walked out.


once we had finished the tour it was lunch time so we all made our way to the cafiteria as we passed the toilets my hand brushed against harrys hand and harry grabbed my hand, i felt my self blush as harry pulled me into the toilets but then quickly said "wait there!" and he ran out and told niall somthing i dont know what because i just heard niall say "ok"

harry made a dramitic enternce and laughed a liitle and walked towards me

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