A love story from when a geek Louis Tomlinson met his true love the most popular kid in school harry styles


3. new kid



harry, harry, harry edward styles ,snap out of it. i said slapping him right on the cheek courseing him too fall and come back to reality. he fell on his bum and screamed at me "what the f*ck Zayn, whyed you do that" i looked down at him with a serious face "ohh was i doing it again."harry said quitely, i just nodded and left him alone in the parking lot after locking my car and walked into the school building. as i went past the school office the office lady said " ah zayn , do you know where harry styles is ?" i nodded and carried on walking to my locker she shouted " WHERE" i screamed back " parking lot" before i new it i heard a loud band as the school doors slamed behind the office lady.







i was just standing looking around untill i heard aloud bang and foot steps coming towards me , i turned around to see the office lady walking towards me sighing with a clip board in her hand. When she finerly reached me she said quite loudly "harry styles you were supposed to meet louis tomlinson in the cafiteria 20 minutes ago to show the new boy around"

i sghed and said "fine ill do it but only if i get a free sandwich at lunch" then she sighed and handed me one of the vouches out of her pocket for a free sandwich at lunch, i jumped excitedly and the lady gave me a confused look and pointed towards the cafiteria doors, i sighed and walked towards them. then suddenly out of nowhere i got  hicups and i get really mad when i get the hicups so i was so stupid to hit a wall and of course my knuckles started to bleed but it stoped my hicups. i knew i was going to be late meeting louis and the new kid, i texted louis that i was going to be late, to be honest with you i dont know how i got his number in the first place, but before i knew it i got a text back saying "your already late hurry up xx " to that i didnt reply i just ran to the toilet and washed my knuckles so they werent bleeding anymore, as i walked out of the toilet i got another text from louis saying " im going to start with out you in a minute xxx " this time i replied and said " ill be there in 5 mins" after i sent that i started to run to the cafiteria.






when i got to my new school i walked into the main building in side there was a boy waiting for me he had a name tag that said Louis Tomilnson on it , i was greeted nicely by a few members of staff and of course Louis Tomlinson.

Louis said that we needed to go to the cafiteria to meet another boy who was showing me round with louis, when we got to the cafiteria we were waiting there for about 3o mins but it didnt seem that long because me and louis had stated a conversation about our hobbies, then louis wipped his phone out his pocket and texted someone then he got a text back.





i knew Harry was going to be late because he always is late for every thing exepect for lunch and the two of the classes i have with him witch is sports and music





When i finelly got to the cafiteria i swung the doors open, i saw louis jump as the doors hit the walls and i laughed a little at the sight, i started to walk towards louis and the new kid niall as louis stormed up to me and started shouting " your late your always late, you cant do anything right " i felt hurt at that and felt tears welling up in my eyes, i notecied louis looked hurt saying it, i walked over to niall and introduced myself by saying "hi im harry styles and i will be helping louis show you around " at that i pulled my hand out of my pockets and shook nialls hand, i heard niall say quitely " thanks man "

i turned around to see louis leaning over a table writing on somthing i walked over and smacked his bum i was suprised because i didnt mean to it was like i couldn't control myself, but i think he liked it because he looked up at me with a suprised and confused smile, i quitely said "sorry" but he heard it and said "its fine i liked it i was just a bit confused"

with that he peeled somthing off and stuck it on my chest i looked down to see it was a name tag with harry styles and a football either side of it

we both walked back over to niall who was day dreaming and i clicked in front of his face and said that we are gonna show him round our school now and he nodded and we started to walked out of the cafiteria and to the main building.




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