A love story from when a geek Louis Tomlinson met his true love the most popular kid in school harry styles


7. im hurt

sorry i havent updated in so long id lost my computer when we moved house but luckiley ive found it again


love yall xxx <3 :]



louis pov


today after school i went home, ive always been the man of the house scince my dad left

as i walked into the door the twins came running up to me smileing and telling me what they did at school today

"hi lou how was your day" my mum said softly, i  just replied  with a sigh "ok" and walked up to my room and floped on my bed



harry pov


as i walked home i saw louis enter his house i smiled softly to myself a carried on walking. as i reached my front door i heard shouting coming from inside i bracted myself and walked in , my father came storming up to me "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN FAGGOT"  he said trowing a punch at me i didnt dare say anything because i knew he would hit me even more so i just layed there.he continued hitting and kicking me, i looked over at my mum she was on the floor tears streaming down he face begging for my father to stop. when he did stop he walked over to the fridge and got a beer then left.

my mum quickly ran over to me and helped me up to my room, i had nothing better to do so i took a shower and stoped  the wounds bleeding and texted louis


hey boo xx


hey hazza xx ;]


so what u doing x


not much what about you xx


not much either


sorry haz but i have to go bye babe xx <3<3<3

i sighed and put my phone down, i couldnt let lou find out about my dad


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