A love story from when a geek Louis Tomlinson met his true love the most popular kid in school harry styles


6. good and bad and sorrys



its been about a week since harry kissed me, he also managed to convince his two friends not to tell anyone about the kiss.

the good news it that me and harry have started dateing but harry is not ready to come out yet witch i understand hes the most popular kid in school and hes dateing me


the bad news is im starting to get bullied again and harry cant protect me because he is not ready come out as i said before








"harry are you gonna try out for the swimming team " said zayn as i got to my locker and i didnt know if i was going to although i loved swimming when i was younger i havent done much since then so i said "i dont know i havent done swimming probley since i was 5 or 6 years old" at that zayn gave me a look and walked away, i heared shouting comeing from round the corner so i walk round and see my boo bear (aka louis) against the lockers with people trowing punches at him, my eyes started filling with tears and unfortally the guys who are beating up louis see me and say together "awe styles get over here and finish him"and motion me to come over with his hand. i quickly shook my head and ran staight to bathroom, i just sat there crying till the end of the day, every boy who walked in just looked at me and gave me that 'what happened to you b**ch'

i snap out of my toughts and look up to see louis covered in bruises i start crying even more because its my folt because i cant pretect him.


i suddenley say without thinking "howd you find me?" and he answers "thin walls , loud sobs

i get up and kiss him and mumble against the kiss "im sorry lou im just not ready"

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