The bad boys next door


5. chapter 5- i love you...

WARING SEXUAL THINGS HAPPEN SO YEAH DONT BE SHOCKED WHEN IT COMES UP there will probably be gay sexing this but rn its just girlxboy not boyxboy which is what its gonna lead to


Luke's POV

we walked into the house to see michael on the floor of his bed room with blood all overhim, zoe ran over to him and checked if he was still alie, he was thank god oh my god i did this to him, zoe started to cry just as he woke up, he looked about and saw zoe me and ashton no idea where calum was he just ran off after lunch with out another word, anyway as soon as hesawzoe he inbrased her in a tight hug, zoe hugged back still crying, she kissed his cheek and i walk out into my room, i couldnt bare to see the michael the boy i loved get all the attection by her, yes i love michael, i know i punched him but i had to, i could bare it oh fuck now hes probs goint to ask her out for fucks sake,i slam a punchon a wall that had a load of other marks from where i had gotten mad at myself befoe, ilikedthe pain i was used to it by now


Zoe's POV

i was hugging michael then i saw luke walk over sadly as i had just kissed his cheeck, i look into muchaels eyes and rested my forehead and nose on his, we stayed there for a while untill he whspered 'zoe, i love you will you be my girlfriend?' i started to nod and cried, i was so happy, i hugged him and heard my phone go off, it wasjess 'zoe calum is staying over tongith can you stay woth luke or someone?' i lookeat michael and asked 'babe can is tay at yours tonight calum is at mine with jess' he nodsand i say to jess yeah can youbring my stuff over and she said yeah she will send calum over to get his aswell then drop you stuff off, i walk over to michales bed and sit down 'mikeyyyyyy can i sleep with you tonighttt?' by the time jess had got off thephone ashton and luke had both walked out, michael nodded and walked over to the bed where i was climbing on and starting to kiss me, i kissed back and our litle kisses lead to a make out and that make out lead to me taking his shirt off but as i did myphone went off saying she was sending calum over now, i have mikey his shirt back and he put it on, i walked down stairs and opened the door to see calum, we hugged and he walked in handing me the bag, 'zoe you found some where to sleep tonight?' i nod and michael walksdown putting his top down,i look back at him and smile, he walks over and slids his hands down my hips and hugged me from behind,calum looked at us and smirked, shit he saw michael put his shirtdown i blush and michael looks at claum like'i will fucking end you bitch' calum backed upbut yelled use protection as he ran past us me and michael looked at each other and nodded we ran upstairs to get him but before we got there he had already locked his door and he was just in fits of laughing god i hate these guys sometimes, i pickthe lock and grab claum,' i maybe 16 but i can still kick your ass Hood'he looked at michaeland said 'wow shes a strong one,'then threw me ontothe bed, 'butnot strong enought' and he got his bagand left, i look at michael who walked over to me and picked me up 'i cn walk you know' he giggled oh shit his gliggle was adorable 'yes but i like picking you up, now where did we leave off' hesaod a he winked at me and put me on his bed taking his shirt off again and starting to kiss down my neck, i started to rub my hands down his check and towards his cock, he started to moan in delight, i could tell he was getting harder, i maybe 16 but i can still make my bitch horny as fuck, even if i was still a virgin. i started to tug at my top and i took it off but left my bra on, I push him on his back and start to kiss down his chest, he moans at each little kiss and then I tug at his jeans and I take them off I leave his boxers on and stroke my hand across his hard member 'really baby, I've hardly done anything' I say with a wink I take his boxers off and flick his head with my tounge, I lean down and start to bob up and down sucking his dick swiftly, he starts to moan and I look up at him, he was close to coming and I go faster and faster, until he did come, one he did I pulled his boxers up and lay down next to him 'your fucking amazing' I look at him with a smirk 'really, first time' he looked at me shocked 'no?!' I giggle and kiss his forehead, it was 1am so I grabbed my laptop which jess had put in the bag and went on twitter, everyone had been tweeting me about the selfie I posted with mikey they where all like 'wow your so cute' or 'is that your boyfriend? he cute' his band is pretty unknow the fandom only had a few hundred, I have got5/5 even before i met the boys I have 3.9k followers and they are all pretty active, so thats good and on tumblr I have 10k (not really I have 1.7k on twitter and 27 on tumblr xc) I posted the same selfie on tumblr and it has 2.3k notes, wow I walk out the room and down stairs to get some food for me and mikey, I was still only in my bra and skinnies but everyone was asleep but me and mikey so it was fine, I walk to the frige and grab some coke, ice cream cookies and brownies I also get a movie, mulan cuz its my favourite (true) mikey has a hige tv in his room so I grab it with all the food and the coke and go back to see mikey on my laptop I walk in and look at him, he looks up and giggles, 'so im a hottie now am i' he says with a wink oh fuck I blush and shove all the food on his bed, I walkover to the tv and put mulan in then got into his bed and cuddled up to him, the movie started and we both started to eat and drink the coke, we watch tv untilwe both fell asleep cuddling in a pile of food

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