The bad boys next door


4. chapter 4- just one more...

okay before you start reading this just note I wrorte the first half at 2 am after reading a really depressing fanfiction so about where they go out it was 2 am, its not 7pm when im writing this but im still half sleep, lolzor SELF HARM TRIGGER WARNING!!



Michaels POV

i must as fallen asleep since when i woke up i still had my eyes closed, but i heard someone run over to me and pull up my hoodie sleeve, it must be one of the boys, but nope cuz i heard luke say "zoe.. how do you know?" FUCK HOW DOES SHE KNOW?!?!?!  "i saw his arm yesterday, don't worry i wont judge" and i heard what sounded like a sleeve being rolled up, and luke running over to my bed "zoe why?" she self harms?!?! "you remember my dad yeah? well when i was 12 he came back, i didn't remember him but he abused me and hurt me, this was the only way i could escape, i still do it 4 years later, just not as much im sorry luke..."i heard kisses then someone run out and the other run after them, as soon as i heard that i opened my eyes and saw the door wide open, i walked into my bath room and looked for my razor, i knew someone would check on me so i didn't do it, but i need to knowing someone as beautiful as zoe could do something so damaging to her perfect body i took my razor to my wrist, made one cut for zoe one for luke and one for my fucked up life, i put a Band-Aid on it and walked down stairs with my hoodie sleeves rolled down everyone was sitting on the sofa and as soon as I walk in zoe runs up to me and hugs me tightly, I give her a sad smile and she returns me  one, then she mouths "im sorry" and I just look down knowing she knows I saw,  they all carry on talking but me and zoe stay quite, zoe on her phone me playing with a lose bit of string on my hoodie we all sat there until luke said 'so... do you guys wanna go out for lunch?' we all nod but zoe, buti guess she gave in since she came with us, she just stayed with ashton the whole time though, well I guess he is the oldest and cares the most out of any of us, she only spoke to Aston and with a slight whisper, she only spoke to ask for something to when she ordered, she stayed quite on her phone the whole time, she kept her sleeves down as well you don't think? maybe its because of what she told luke. I don't know but I texted her about it half way into lunch, it said 'zoe, when you told luke about what seemed to be about your self harm, I was awake, yes I know, im sorry but how do you know about mine? well I guess cuz you saw it but idk sorry anyway' we all heard her phone go off and she looks at me confused, she opened it and instantly replied saying 'talk. now'  i say okay but not here so we both walk out side without telling anyone, 'okay, how do you know' she asks me, when you and luke where in my room and you checked my wrist and you said you wont judge me, I heard you lift up your sleeve and luke running over, I guessed it was self harm...' she looked down 'guess now you know why I always wear my jacket or hoodies, huh... anyway how I know about yours is that I saw them when we first met, I never expected a member of 5 seconds of summer to self harm..' I look up at her shocked 'y=you know?' she giggles ;mikey im obsessed with your band of fucking course I know' ilook down blushing but she lifts up my face and we both lean in.. and then hear a yell before we kiss FOR FUCKS SAKE!! we both look over to see an angry luke standing there, fuck... he walks over and punches me, then it all went black just as I heard zoe scream my name


Lukes POV

I walked out side to see my best friend about kiss the girl of my dreams, and her closing her eyes, I walked over and pushed zoe out my way, then I punched michael and he feel to the floor, zoe screamed her name and the boys walked out, then zoe ran off, fuck why did I do that.... we payed for the food and took mikey home then went over to zoe and jesses house, I knocked on the door and zoes mum opened the door and looked at me in shock pulling me into a hug I smile and ask if we can see zoe and jess she says yes and we all walk up to see zoe on the floor up a blood cover knife, we all run over and clear her up, as soon as we are done she wakes up and shuffles back but then coming back over seeing it was us and not her mum, she pulled down her sleeve but then remember we must have already seen them, she stands up 'we are going over to see mikey' and we all walk out she says bye to her mum and we all walk out over to our house to see....

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