The bad boys next door


3. chapter 3- where do i know you

I made this chapter a lot longer sine theother two are so short, sorry for the slow updates, ily


Zoe's POV


I was sitting in my room on tumblr looking at pictures of youtubers when my phone started to go off, it was an unknown number so it was probablyone of the boys, I pick up and say 'hiya, whos this?' I was smiling hoping it was mikey, but it was luke' hey zoe, can you and jess come over?' I smile 'sure one minute' and I run to get jess, 'JESS!! do you wanna go see luke?' her face litup 'okay' we both run up stairs and I pick my phone back up 'we will be there in 5' as I say that I hang up before he can say anything else, I had no make up on but I didn't care, I don't know why but I remember luke, I just don't know where from, I don't know much about when I was little but luke looked like a boy I would hang out with when I was little, but I cant be him, could that be why he was looking at mikey so madly? I was soon snapped out of my thoughts by jess dragging me to the door with my jacket in her hand, she hands me over my leather jacket while we where walking I save lukes number into my phone, we get to the house and ring the door bell, I hear someone running towards the door and it unlocking, it opened to revile luke, he was so cute with his blond hair and cute dimples and face holy shit 'zoe why dont you not wear make up more often!! your beautiful!' I blushand giggle a little then luke blushes as he remembers what he just said we walk in and all go up to lukes room, the pther three boys where out so we where alone at the moment, which I guess is why luke called us over 'jess I think its time we tell her' jess looks down as luke says this and nods, 'yeah we do, can you do it?' he nods 'um zoe, you may not remember this, but we all use to be best friends we where 10, then one day we where all playing tag and you werent looking when you where going and ran into my old shed, it was old and week, you crashed into it and it feel onto you, you hurt your head so badly you go amnesia, yourmum said it would be best if you moved, so you moved here to England, and then the four of us moved here too, but we never knew you guys would be here,' I was so shocked, why didn't they tell me this?!?!?! luke looked like he was going to cry, I went over to him and kissed his cheek, 'luke its okay, im here now, I knew I remembered you from somewhere.... was that why you kept looking at Michael so madly yesterday?' he nodded, I hug him tightly and he hugs me back 'im gonna go, see you later, jess said to us both and walked out the room and back home as soon as she walked out I smashed my lips on lukes, but Michael had to walk in jus as I did, I let go of luke to see him by the door tearing up, fuck. he runs to his room and I run after him, but I was to slow and couldn't keep up with him so as I got to his room he slammed his door shut and locked it, MICHAEL OPEN THEDOOR PLEASE'  I yelled over and over again, I had seen self harm scars on Michaels arm (AS FARAS WE KNOE HE NEVER HAS SEL HARMED) I don't want him to do something so stupid over me...

lukes POV

as soon as jess walked out the room zoe smashed her lips on mine, but then she sees Michael at the door way, he runs away and she gets off me and runs after him, fuck if he does what I think hes going to do I will kill him, wait no I wont I will hug him and never let him go, I run to his room where zoe is on the floor crying, I pick the lock and bust open the doorto see him on the floor he must have cried himself to sleep since there where no new cuts on his arm, zoe runs in and over to himchecking his arm and sighing in relive, wait she knows? 'zoe, how do you know?' I look at her 'I saw them on his arm yesterday, but I wont judge' as she said this she pulled up her own wristbands to revile a load of cuts burns and scars, I look at them and grab her arm, running my thumb over each cut, then kissing up and down her arm' zoe why?' I look at her sadly 'remember my dad? he came back when I was 12, he abused me and this was the only way I could escape it now 4 yearslater, I still do it, just not ad much, im sorry luke' as she said this she pulledher arm away covered the cuts and walked away before she could I ran after her spun her around and kissed her softly, 'I love you zoe' I look into her eyes, god have I missed those green eyes of hers, 'I love you too luke' she kissed my cheek and walked back to her house

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