The bad boys next door


2. chapter 2- memories

Zoë's POV

I walk into Michael's and the other boys house and smile up at michael, 'oh guys we never got each others names' i said to the three other boys 'oh sorry love, I'm luke this is Calum and thats ashton' he said pointing to each of them, jess kept looking at luke, which was fine by me cuz i had my eyes on mikey, but i felt someone else looking at me, its was ashton, and Calum was looking at jess, while luke was giving Michael the death stare, i wonder why, i mean I'm not pretty, if anything I'm really fucking ugly behind the make up. I smile at them all, we all sit around talking for about 2 hours getting to know each other till me and jess had to go, i gave them all my number as did jess and we walked out . Once we got in our mum just yelled at us but stopped as we started to tell her about the bits next door, i love my mum we can talk about everything with her

Michael's POV

Zoe is so hot like jfc, but she is only 16 im almost 19 now, j mean i guess itcould work could ut? I was snapped out of my thoughts by an angry luke 'stay the fuck away from her' he growled at me, why is he so mad? 'Oh yeah why should i' i yelled back at him ' BECAUSE I DONT WANT MY OLD BEST FRIEND GETTING HURT!' Wait, LUKE KNOWS THEM!? 'Ugh, jess remembers me, zoe however got amnesia and doesnt remember me, i remember he so well tho, god did i love her, i wont let you hurt her mikey, i know she remembers the memory just doesnt want to be found...'

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