The bad boys next door


1. chapter 1

Jesses POV

Me and my step sister zoe where walking down our road when we see a boy walking into the house next door, he was cute but all of a sudden i was caught out of my thoughts by the boy coming over to me and zoe, 'hi girls' he said in his strong Australian accent 'I'm michael' i saw him looking at Zoë and Zoë looking back a bit confused, but then she blushed 'hi I'm Zoe and this is my sister jess,' i wave at him, then three other cute boys walk out of the house

This could be fun

Michael's POV

I was walking to get something from the garage when i see two cute girls, one of them waves over and i walk towards them and say hi, one of the girls who looked younger snapped out of her thoughts and smiled at me along with the other one, 'hi girls' i say with a smile, i look at the shorter older girl and smile, she was fucking beautiful 'I'm michael' i was still looking at the girl, i couldn't stop 'hi I'm Zoë' Zoë... Her name is so cute 'and this is my sister jess' jess waves at me and i smile at her, then my band mates start to walk over at us, Zoë and jess where looking at them and jess had a face that i could see she found this fun, i mean four cute boys living next to them, we're the life of a party.... Okay thats a lie we are so uncool, we may have looks but all we have is each other, heck i hated luke back in our first years of high school. 'So girls do you wanna come in' luke said the girls nod and we all walk in

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