My Poems

These are poems that describe me. These are poems that help me filter.


6. Darkness.

When I feel it creeping up

I run the other way

For it's the darkness you give

That makes me want more pain

If the scars aren't enough

What will satisfy you?

I don't really know

Does bringing me down

Give you happiness inside?

If your words can make you win

Why do I try?

You don't watch my tears fall

You don't see the blade on my skin

I know you see the scars

Does it affect you from within?

You know my soul is injured

That I can't take any more

Yet you pile it on

When will it be gone?

You are pretty like a rose

But your darkness is your thorn

What is it in you

That likes the darkness, and the blade?

What is it? 

I need to know 'cause the pills are in my hand,

I have enough scars

it's time for the end.







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