End Up Here


2. Girls Scare Me

Luke's POV

To say I was scared of Amelia or Lia or whatever her name was, was the understatement of the century. She terrified me! She's not an all around nasty person since she was fine with Michael and Calum, who seem pretty cool, it's just me. It's hard making friends at a new school when the first person you meet is a complete bitch. I watched her as she scribbled in her notebook. I wasn't being creepy, just curious.

"What're you writing?" I finally asked.

"None of your business," Amelia snapped. I didn't expect her to say anything else but it was worth a shot, I guess.

Finally the bell rung and we we're let out for interval. I decided it was better if I didn't piss Amelia off anymore and started walking away when I heard someone calling out my name.

"Hey, Luke!" Michael yelled. "Come hang with us!"

I saw Amelia glaring at her purple haired friend and sighed. I shook my head to decline and carried on walking. I hadn't got very far when someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around to see Calum.

"Dude, forget about Lia, she's just being moody," he told me.

"I'll feel like I'm getting in the way," I explained to the tan skinned boy.

"Mate, don't worry about it," Calum smiled. "Plus, who else are you going to hang with?"

"Fair point," I chuckled. Calum ushered for me to follow him back to where Michael and Amelia were standing and from there we left the school grounds. "Are we allowed to be out here?" I questioned.

"Good job, guys," Amelia moaned. "You picked out a goody good."

"Year 13s can leave during breaks and study," Michael explained.

"Plus, we have study after morning tea," Calum added. "So we can be out longer."

"How did you know I had study?" I asked, slightly confused.

"I looked at your timetable during drama," Calum explained with a chuckle.

I nodded in understanding.

"I also found out you're in all of my classes except maths," Calum continued. "It's the same with Mikey here. But Lia isn't in our music class cos she's a bitch,"

"They don't do singing in music so what's the point," Amelia defended herself.

"You sing?" I asked her.

She just nodded once.

"You play any instruments, Luke?" Michael asked.

I nodded. "I play guitar and sing."

"Nice!" Michael and Calum chorused. Amelia just rolled her eyes.

"Well," Michael began. "How about you show us your stuff?"

I looked at the building we walked into and saw it was a music shop.

"Hey, James," Amelia smiled at the employer.

"Hey, Lia, Mikey, Cal," he smiled back. "Who's this?" he asked looking at me.

"This, James, is our new friend, Luke," Michael replied.

"You just met him," Amelia grumbled. "He's not a friend, he's an annoying acquaintance."

The James guy rolled his eyes. "Nice to meet you, Luke," he smiled at me. "I'm James, Lia's brother."

"But you don't look anything alike," I pointed out. Amelia had dark brown wavy hair and pale skin with freckles covering her cheeks and James was tan with light brown hair, not to mention their face shapes were completely different.

James chuckled. "Lia takes after Mum while my twin sister and I take after Dad,"

It all clicked then and my mouth formed an 'o' shape.

"You play any instruments, Luke?" James asked.

"Guitar," I replied.

"Nice," James smiled before leading me into a room that Michael, Calum and Amelia already occupied.

"Do you know of Pierce the Veil?" Michael asked me. I nodded.

"Can you play Hold on Til May?" Calum asked. I nodded again.

"Grab a guitar then and start," Amelia snapped.

I grabbed the closest guitar and strummed it to make sure it was in tune. It was perfect. I noticed Calum was holding a bass and Michael had a guitar similar to mine. We started playing and Calum sung.

She sits up high

Surrounded by the sun

One million branches and she loves everyone

Mum and Dad, did you search for me?

I've been up here so long I'm going crazy

Then Amelia took over.

And as the sun went down we ended up on the ground

I heard the train shake the windows, you screamed over the sound

And as we owned this night I put your body to the test with mine

This love was out of control

3, 2, 1, where did it go?

Her voice was actually really good and I wanted her to continue, but Michael took over.

Now don't be crazy, yes now of course you can stay here

(Been in a touring band for going on ten years)

Big deal, she said, I guess you're official

I only said it cos I know what it's like to feel burnt down

It gets you down we've all been there sometimes and tonight I'll make you feel beautiful once again.

Much to my excitement, Amelia started singing again.

And as the sun went down, we ended up on the ground, I heard the train shake the windows, you screamed over the sound, and as we owned this night, I put your body to the test with mine, this love was out of control 3, 2, 1 where did it go

"You're turn, Luke," Michael told me. I widened my eyes at him before shaking it off and singing.

If I were you I'd put that away, see you're just wasted and thinking 'bout the past again, darlin' you'll be okay

Then it was back to Amelia.

If you were me you'd do the same, cos I can't take anymore, I'll draw the shades and close the door, everything's not alright and I would rather...

Then we all sung the last chorus together.

And as the sun went down, we ended up on the ground, I heard the train shake the windows, you screamed over the sound and as we owned this night I put your body to the test with mine, this love was out of control, tell me where did it go

I strummed the last chord and heard someone clapping. I turned around to see James standing next to another guy with a wavy mop of hair and glasses.

"You've got a nice voice, Luke," James said. I felt my cheeks heat up as eyes glared at me from the direction of Amelia. That made me wonder what her problem actually was.

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