I hate you Luke Hemmings

Natalie used to have friends... Used to..

Then Luke turned them against her and she will have a burning hatred for him forever.. Maybe..


3. Unknown Number

Natalie's POV


Uhhgg.... Today was SO exhausting!

I just wanna go home and watch SuperNatural all night.

I pushed past some freshman and made my way to the sidewalk and got on Rocco and started my way home. I popped in my earbuds and turned on some Paramore.

I could literally feel the stress melt off of me. That's what I love about skateboarding, it just clears my head.

I heard a really faint noise.

Then it got louder

And then it got louder so I took an earbud out, and looked to see what was happening.

Of course. Just my luck! Luke Hemmings is in his mini van looking at me! Wait hold up... Mini Van?

"You wanna ride?" He asked after he rolled down his window.

"Nope" I simply answered and kept gliding down the sidewalk.

"Come on! It's just a ride" Luke begged.

"Leave, before I scream rape" I said coldly.

His face... PRICELESS

"Umm.. Uh ok" he mumbled

"By Luke!" I shouted as if we were best friends while I sped away.

"Um. Bye?" I heard in the distance.


I was chilling on the couch, just watching Supernatural reruns when my phone buzzed on the pillow next to me. I checked it and an unknown number texted me... Creepy..

Unknown Number: you should have taken me up on that ride.

Oh my god it's Luke! How the hell did he get my number!

Luckily this isn't the first time somebody I didn't like texted me. So I quickly replied with

Me: Thank You for subscribing to cat lovers hourly. Now, every hour you will receive 20 new and exiting facts about cats!

Me: To cancel type your favorite animal name.

Unknown Number: I know it's you Natalie..

Me: did you know that there are there are over 500 million domestic cats in the world!

Me: a cats average lifespan is 12-15 years

Me: Older cats tend to show aggression to the kittens! What geezers!

Me: the heaviest domestic cat on record was 46 lb 15.2 oz!

Unknown Number: okay okay! Stop!!

Me: to cancel your subscription to Cat Factz, type your favorite animal. This is for security measures.

The whole time I was looking up cat facts, I was laughing my ass off!

Unknown Number: Penguin

Me: that is not true. Your favorite animal is a cat. Otherwise you would have never subscribed to Cat Factz.

Me: to cancel your subscription to Cat Factz, type your favorite animal. This is for security measures.

Unknown Number: Cat

Me: that is untrue. You said earlier that your favorite animal was a Penguin. I'm sorry I cannot allow you to unsubscribe.

Unknown Number: staaaaahhhp iiit

Then for the next half our I kept sending him Cat Facts and eventually he blocked my number. Hehe that's what I was going for! I wonder how he got my number in the first place though.. Pretty creepy if you ask me.


Hey guys! I'm sorry it's so short! But a lot of you guys were wanting an update so it got this together for ya! Lol it's not my best but I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks if you are actually reading the authors message! Haha but anyways, I just want you guys to know how extremely grateful I am for all the support! I know that I don't have that many reads compared to others, but I'd be shocked if one person liked my story.. Not to mention nearly eighty!!

Xoxo~ Renna

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