I hate you Luke Hemmings

Natalie used to have friends... Used to..

Then Luke turned them against her and she will have a burning hatred for him forever.. Maybe..


2. Lunch Date

☁ Luke's pov ☁

Uuuuuuuuuhg why did I even sign up for home ec? I suck at cooking! At least Natalie Netels is in the class. Speaking of… I wonder why Natalie just ran into class like a caveman?


Oh that's why. She skipped to her seat, right I front of me, yeah I know I'm pretty happy about it. I don't get why she won't go out with me yet! I mean… I'm Luke fricken Hemmings! I've dated almost every single girl in the school (and some not-so single girls).But I had to have her!

She so not my type though. She's short brunette and curvy I like tall blonde and hot! But I guess she is kinda pretty. I've never actually seen her face that much. I probably have but I don't care enough to remember what it looks like. I know the back of her head and her hair pretty well though. I didn't realize I was staring at her until she turned around and glared at me. Dang! How come I haven't tapped that?

You probably think I'm some jerk that gets chicks numbers then I just leave em. Your halfway right, I get girls numbers but then I date em till I get what I want then I break up with them. And that's exactly what I plan on with Natalie. But I could tell she was going to be hard to get. I'm ready.

Natalie's pov 🌀

Skip to lunch ------>

I skipped off the prison… I mean school… campus and when I met the old cracked pavement I pulled out Rocco, and sped to the McDonalds down the street. I hummed some Green Day song the ride there. When i got to the lovely golden greasy palace. I ordered a plain grilled chicken sandwich. The guy who took my order was like 30 and still had acne! He was disgusting he started checking me out! Gross!

"Save it for the burgers." I snapped and took my sandwich to go. I munched on my sandwich as I glided down the street.

12:20 .

I had 10 extra minutes. So I stuffed Rocco, my baby, back into my bag and plugged my old black earbuds in and blasted My Chemical Romance into my head.

If you haven't noticed I'm kinda different from normal girls. I skateboard and I LOVE rock music. No I'm not emo or anything. I'm just kinda Inbetween mainstream and metal. Or at least that's how I like to think of it.

I slipped into another daydream but was soon disturbed by somebody suddenly sitting beside me. I took a deep breath and turned my head preparing myself to either glare at and walk away, punch, or flip off this jerkwad who wants to die a sudden death of painful extremities.

Let me break it down for you so you can understand why act this way. I can put it in a 3 word sentence.

People annoy me.

~~Luke's pov~~☁️

Skip to middle of lunch.

"Michael, give me back my phone!" Calum screamed as Michael snatched Calum's phone off the table and kept taking nonstop selfies. The rest started laughing, I would too but I was to busy looking at Natalie, she was sitting on the curb listening to music. I could tell she really likes that kinda music, because she was tapping her foot kinda hard and nodding her head,

No, I'm not stalking her, my lunch table is right out side the window that is in front of where Natalie is sitting. She was kinda pretty, she had long pin strait dark brown hair. Even though her head was covered by her beanie, her hair was just... Pretty.

"Hey ill see ya later, I just gotta go" I said

"Who is it this week?" Calum joked

"Shut up, but Natalie" I said

"Wait, weirdo loner Natalie?" Ashton butted in

"Yeah" I said as I got off the rock hard bench

"Pff... Good luck" Michael scoffed

"I'll need it" I joked.

I grabbed my black Jansport and swaggered outside. I opened the doors that lead to the parking lot. I looked down at her. She was criss cross on the curb and her phone was in her lap. I walked over quietly and plopped down next to her.

This will either go extremely well or extremely bad... Here's to hoping!

" Leave in five seconds before I hurt you." She said calmly but extremely threatening and pissed.


"5" she counted.

" What, can't we just talk?'' I asked flirtily and winked. She just rolled her eyes.

"4" she said even more annoyed.

ill try again. " I don't know why we've never talked before, your totally gorgeous, and I'd love to get to know you better... *wink, scoot closer* a lot better"

Her eyes softened and she slightly tilted forward.

Wow that wasn't very difficult! I tilted too and our faces were inches apart, " never in a million years Hemmings... 3" she whispered and abruptly stood up, grabbed her bag and walked away.

Natalie- 1. Luke-0


Hello my Darlings!!! I feel awful for leaving you guys in the dark! And if all the POV switching was confusing, let me know and I will definitely change. I'm kinda experimenting a lot with this book. I hope you liked it and expect an update soon!!

Xoxo ~ Renna

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