Never Enough | Luke Hemmings

Good days. Bad boys. It's all 17 year old, Olivia, wanted. Nothing worked out. What will it take? Is what she has enough? Looks like her and her best friend, Luke Hemmings, will find out.


1. Introduction

Oh yeah. It will totally get better. Weekdays are the worst. School. I only have one single person that even cares. Luke Hemmings. He's my best friend, he helps me through my days, tells me that what I have is all I need for now. No. I need more. No one understands that. What I have isn't enough. It will never be enough. Never. I hurt myself sometimes. I mean what's the use in being here when I have 2 parents that don't care and a horrible social life. I guess Luke. Luke is why I'm still here. Luke. That's it. I'm glad I have him, but, you know, I just need more! I stay for him but I don't see a point anymore. Bad boys. Good days. It's all I want. Is it too much to ask? No matter what they say, what I have, isn't enough. Never. Ever. Ever. Enough. No. Never Enough.

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