Blood of Olympus Writing Competition

This is my entry to The Blood of Olympus writing competition. Basically, my dream ending of The Blood of Olympus. Please read on and enjoy!


1. Blood of Olympus Writing Competition

Together we stand just outside of camp. I think back to how much I've missed this place. Home.

I glance to my right and watch Annabeth. She is grinning and I realise she has missed Camp Half Blood just as much as I have. Beside her is Leo who is jumping up and down energetically, obviously excited to get back to Bunker 9. Piper and Jason are holding hands watching the camp below. Hazel's eyes are a bright, well, hazel as she gets ready to embark on a new adventure. Only Frank looks a little worried.   

I give him a pointed look, silently asking him why he is nervous.   

"What if they don't like us?" whimpers Frank.   

"Hey, c'mon, they're my friends. Of course they'll like you." I say  

Frank bites his bottom lip, his eyes scanning the campers below. I can see Annabeth comming up with an idea, her eyebrows furrowing together.   

"Percy, take off your shirt." she says after a couple of seconds.  

I smirk at her. "You'd like that wouldn't you Annabeth,"  

"Just do it!" she says impatiently, while Hazel mutters something about 'men'. "You too Frank."  

Leo wolf whistles as Frank pulls off his purple shirt and I take off my orange one. Frank self-consciously try's to cover himself and Leo prods and pokes at him, making Frank turn into a squirrel multiple times. 

"Switch," Annabeth declares. "The Greeks will definitely trust Frank and 

Hazel if they if they see Percy wearing a Camp Jupiter shirt. After all, they look up to him. 

I grin jokingly, "As they should do. I am destroyer of monsters, titans, giants-" 

Hazel rolls her eyes, cutting me off.

"Anyway, Reyna should already be at camp with Nico and Coach Hedge already," Jason points out.

"Gods, I can't wait to see Reyna!" says Piper sincerely, surprising everyone. 

Suddenly I can't hold in my excitement any longer, and I start running down the hill. Unluckily for Annabeth, I forgot that I was holding onto her hand, so with a yelp she comes tumbling down the hill with me. But soon she is laughing wildly, her hair tumbling past her shoulders. I stare at her, entranced, which is how I fall on a twig and end up with a face full of dirt.

"Percy Jackson, destroyer of monsters, titans and giants...trips over himself and face plants the ground," announces Leo mockingly. 

I grin sheepishly and continue my way down the hill with Annabeth. I hear the rest of the seven thundering down behind us, a noise loud enough to scare any nearby wood nymphs. 

At the bottom of the hill there is a few campers milling around. Once they spot us, one camper rushes off then returns with Reyna. I reach the bottom of the hill then collapse into Reyna's arms, giving her a tight hug, but not too long to make Annabeth uncomfortable. Nico and Coach Hedge then appear. The satyr takes one look at me, and pulls Annabeth and myself into a tight hug.

"Coach...squishing...vital organs," squeaks Annabeth, and Coach Hedge loosens his grip. 

Nico holds his hand out for a formal handshake, but I brush it aside and wrap my arms around his shoulders. The boy is a few inches shorter than me, his messy hair tickling my nose. I hear Nico take a sharp breath but to my surprise he doesn't pull out of the hug straight away.

As the rest of the seven talk to Reyna, Nico and Coach Hedge, me and Annabeth continue to the big house. We are just planning to speak to Chiron but their seems to be a meeting going on and we accidentally interrupt it. Many eyes stare at us as we walk into the room.

"Percy! Annabeth!" says Chiron with a wide smile. "Good to see you again!"

Cabin counsellors say their greetings to us and even Clarrise La Rue gives me a quick hug while saying, "It's good to see you fish-face." She then smiles evilly at me and gives my a mock punch. "There's been no-one to beat up."

"This calls for a party!" screams Travis Stoll before running out of the big house in a wild frenzy. His brother, Connor, grins at everyone before following.

"Oh my gods," mutters Chiron but me makes no attempt to stop the troublesome twins.

Soon enough camp half blood is in party mode. Well, as party mode as you can get with patrol harpies swooping over your head every few minutes. But there's dancing and music, and curfew is even extended till 12pm. 

I talk to so many people I lose count, smile so much my face hurts. My highlight of the night though is seeing Coach Hedges baby, which he was shoving in everyone's face. 

"Look at my boy!" said coach. "Going to grow into a strong, strapping lad, I can tell you." The half satyr, half wind spirit, baby made little bleats, making everyone awe. 

Halfway through the night it becomes a bit much so I excuse myself. I don't really know where I am going till I end up on a little ledge overlooking the party. I sit there for a while just watching the commotion below and before long Annabeth appears at my side. 

"Hey," she says softly, while lacing her fingers through mine. I feel a spark of electricity explode through my body at our touch that I can't ignore.

"I love you." I say sincerely.

"I love you too," Annabeth says, with a little smile. 

Soon enough we are kissing. My hands place themselves on her shoulders while she ruffles my hair and makes it even more messy. Just as the kiss is becoming deeper, we get rudely interrupted.

"Get a room," grins Leo.

"We did, till you came," points out Annabeth.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm going," says Leo, but I motion for him to sit down beside me. 

"Nah, I've got to go, sorry mate," he says.

"What, where?" I ask, surprised. Thats when I notice he has a rucksack on his back.

"I'll be taking the Argo II for a little adventure...let's just say there's a girl waiting for me somewhere. Don't worry, I'll be back before long, hopefully with someone for you guys to meet." says Leo, a little wistfully.

I don't question his actions but I pray to the gods that he will be okay. Since our trip I have become very fond and protective of Leo and the rest of the seven.

Once Leo is gone, I lay my head on Annabeth's lap, tiredness getting the better of me. She strokes my hair gently, playing with it a little. Just as my vision begins to go blurry and I start to fall into the land of dreams, I hear Annabeth whisper something.

"You drool when you sleep." 



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