Destiny is haunted by a tragic past... But can Ashton prove to her that he is different and bring her out of her shell? Find out in Broken... I have also added this story to wattpad if you would prefer to read it there :) ������


6. Chapter 6

OMG! Ashton your house is so cute! destiny exclaims. 'ummm, thank you.' I laugh, 'do you wanna see your room know?' 

YES!!!!!!!!! of course! destiny exclaims yet again, my mum and siblings snickering at her enthusiasm. Once we reach the spare room which was preserved for guests lets just say that destiny absolutely LOVED it! she started jumping up and down in excitement. Completely oblivious that harry and lauren where at the door with there camcorder filming every moment of her enthusiastic meltdown. 'Harry! stop filming!' I say to my incredibly annoying brother. 'But Ashhhhhh! it could go viral!' Harry whines, 'I dont care!' i snap more than annoyed. 'alright alright....' Harry says throwing his hands up in joke surrender. i turn back around and see destiny on a chair that does not look very sturdy trying to hang a poster up the kooks. 'destiny be carefull' she turns around to answer me and as she is in a mid turn, the chair slips..... and down destiny goes hitting her head on a shelf on the way before passing out.... 


authors note:

sorry i have not posted in soooo long! i hope you like this chapter i will be updating daily! PROMISE 

lysm thanks for reading xoxoxoxo

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