Destiny is haunted by a tragic past... But can Ashton prove to her that he is different and bring her out of her shell? Find out in Broken... I have also added this story to wattpad if you would prefer to read it there :) ������


5. chapter 5

I woke up in hospital with a bandage around my arm... Looking out of the sort of black out window I could see Lauren Harry and mum standing outside looking frantic. Pressing the alarm button a nurse rushed in with a needle. 'Whats wrong?' Asked the nurse. n-nothing can you please tell my family that I'm awake?.?. 'Of course' as they walked in I had a massive smile on my face.. But that smile faded as soon as I saw mums expression... What's happned? 'It's destiny... They shot her and she's in a coma.' WHAT?!?! sorry ashton... But on the bright side she is waking up right now. W-what ward is she in?? 'Ummm ward 6 intensive care... Then almost as coincidence the tannoy went if saying emergency in ward 6 intensive care! Trying my best to free myself if these wretched wires i stood up and ran to where destiny apparently was... Trying to be stopped by nurses but just pushing them away... Once i had reached ward 6 intensive care I looked through all the windows and finally found destiny looking peaceful awake and apparently watching cartoons of some sort... Running into the room accidentally startling destiny. She screamed 'ASHTON!' clearly happy to see me... 'I thought you were dead!!!' No I'm not dead... But where are you going to live?? 'Well I could go to homeless shelter for the night or something..' No way... Your going to live with me...

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