Destiny is haunted by a tragic past... But can Ashton prove to her that he is different and bring her out of her shell? Find out in Broken... I have also added this story to wattpad if you would prefer to read it there :) ������


4. Chapter 4

Frantically pulling on my shoes and bolting for the door not forgetting to grab my mums car keys on the way out of the door. Once I'm in the car I fumble with the keys trying my best to get them in the ignition. Finally once there in I speed down the road for the 10 minute drive from my house. Once I'm finally at her door I'm banging screaming shouting for someone to let me in but it's no use... But once I fell silent I hear destines voice screaming out my name screaming help! My heart pounding in my chest I spot a gate that leads to the back garden... Without even thinking I run towards it and bash it down... That's when. I see something I will never be able to forget.... Destiny tied up to a chair in her dining room a gun pressed to her head... 'ASHTON!' She screams. Running up to the open door I go to grab destiny when a women who I'm assuming is her mother comes up behind me pressing a gun to my arm. And that's when I hear it destiny screaming a loud bang and then everything went black...

Authors note:

I would really like it if u guys could comment what you thought of that chapter.. P.s ty for reading <3

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