Destiny is haunted by a tragic past... But can Ashton prove to her that he is different and bring her out of her shell? Find out in Broken... I have also added this story to wattpad if you would prefer to read it there :) ������


2. chapter 2

As soon as I arrive at school I see destiny standing there waiting for me looking around smelling the newly planted flowers and I think it's safe to that she was gorgeous with her long brown hair and bright blue eyes you could tell she was insecure by the way she bites her lip, but I don't know why... 'Hi' I say as I finally approach her 'h-hi' she stutters back to me. Theres no need to be worried you know... I don't bite, flashing me a small smile before she accidentally drops her books. Leaning down on the floor to help her pick them up I notice big circle shaped purple marks all up her arms and on her neck otherwise known as bruises... I ask her what's wrong and she bursts into tears. 'They t-t told me not to tell...' What? Tell what? I ask my voice raising in concern. 'I-I can't I don't even know you how do I know if I can t-trust you? You can trust me I promise you can... Seeing her broken weeping body lying on the floor I hesitantly bring her in for a hug and to my surprise she hugs back. And tells me 3 words that I will never forget.:. 'T-they beat me..' She blurts out and all the colour has suddenly washed away from my face.. W-what do you mean? I ask in full shock. 'M-y parents and b-brothers...' And with that the bell rings and everyone files into there classes

Thanks for reading <3.

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