Destiny is haunted by a tragic past... But can Ashton prove to her that he is different and bring her out of her shell? Find out in Broken... I have also added this story to wattpad if you would prefer to read it there :) ������


1. Chapter 1

Ashton's POV:

The first thing I see in the morning is my alarm clock flashing 6:15. I know I shouldn't press snooze but I can't help but feel tempted, but I know I have to be in school early today to meet the new girl... I finally get out of bed and do my normal morning routine that consists of brushing my teeth and getting ready then going down to face the madhouse which I call my family. My 2 younger and extremely annoying siblings Lauren and Harry. Ever since I said i had to get to school early to meet the new girl they have been non stop chanting ASHTON WILL FINALLY BRING A GIRL HOME!!! And to be honest it is driving me insane! Escaping the 'madhouse' i begin my 20 minute walk to school to meet the new girl that I have been told goes by the name of destiny...

Authors note:

Sorry if that chapter sucked :( but keep reading it will get better I will try to do daily updates p.s I know it was short but it's late so it will get better I promise 😘

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