His green eyes darted from mine to hers, indecisive. He needed to make a choice, me or her. He looked at me and grabbed my wrist. I followed him into darkness, yearning for light.


5. Left

He led me out the door to go to the restaurant. I didn't realize that, at the time, we were running. I was tired of running. It appears that running is all we do together. Sherlock stopped at the corner of the street to talk to a slender figure. Possibly a woman of my height and age. Was I picking up Sherlock's deductive skills? She wrapped her arms around his waist in an embrace. I turned and faced John, he looked at me in confusion. I started walking to Sherlock, but he glared at me harshly. I stepped back and turned left, toward John. I grabbed John's forearm and we ran. He was asking me where we were going, but I didn't answer. I just turned around and shrugged. 

        When we reached the next block, I turned and faced Sherlock. He was walking in my direction. I looked at John. He grabbed my hand and started guiding me around the corner. We turned left and started running again. I felt me cell vibrate. It was Sherlock.

        "Where did you run off to? And why did you run?" he asked me in a cold voice. I didn't answer him. It's just like the incident 4 years ago. He told me to come back to him. I did as he told and started my way to him.

        "Where are you going?" John asked as he followed me.

        "Back to despair," I said, monotoned.

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