His green eyes darted from mine to hers, indecisive. He needed to make a choice, me or her. He looked at me and grabbed my wrist. I followed him into darkness, yearning for light.


1. How?

        We were running when we met. He grabbed my wrist and whispered that we run. I followed him to the end of the street. We heard a loud boom, a flare of flames expanding from the building in which I once lived."So, I'll get a cab and you can stay with me," he said in his deep accent. I wanted to stay by his side, but we hardly knew each other. A cab passed by and, of course, we ran. We followed the cabbie until he stopped driving. We got into the warm cab, my fingers tingling from warming up so quickly."221B Baker Street," he spoke as I situated in my seat. I was actually going to go with him, though I didn't know why.

       I stepped out of the cab onto the sidewalk in front of a brick building. He walked up to the door and unlocked it with a key. I guess we were there, at his house. I followed him up the stairs into a fully furnished room. He commanded that I sit. Then, he told me about who he was.

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