His green eyes darted from mine to hers, indecisive. He needed to make a choice, me or her. He looked at me and grabbed my wrist. I followed him into darkness, yearning for light.


3. Dinner

       Later that night, he asked me to join him at dinner. He said that John would be there, so it wouldn't feel like a date. I agreed that dinner would be nice. He led me to the front door, and guided me to the nearest clothing store. I grabbed a cabbie's attention and headed in the direction of which I was pointed in. The cabbie stopped in front of The Hackney Shop. I paid the cabbie and started my way into the store.

        The cashier said that the lime top that I had in my hand matched my skin tone, so I tried it on. I put a white, lacey cardigan over it and tried some black skinny jeans on. The outfit looked fine, except for the fact that I didn't have matching shoes. I tried on everything, from riding boots to Greek sandals. The cashier finally decided to help me by grabbing a white pair of flats from the back room. I tried them on. Perfect fit. I bought the outfit and headed my way back to 221B.

        When I entered the house, I saw a shadowed figure standing in the doorway to Sherlock's flat. "Excuse me," I whispered politely as I pushed past him. Mycroft. Mycroft Holmes. He was the head of all security in London. He was Sherlock's brother. He told Sherlock to make a decision. I wondered what he was talking about.  "Iris," John said, he must have recognized me from the paper. I greeted him as I entered the doorway. I saw disgust on John's face. He must hate me for making Sherlock appear as the bad guy.

        I entered the room Sherlock requested I stay in. I set my new clothes on the bed and started to undress. I removed my tanktop and replaced it with another one. I walked over to the dresser where I kept my hair waver. I started doing my hair and make up when I heard a knock at the door. "Iris, can I come in?" a voice said. I let them enter. Mycroft, once again, stumbled in. I knew I recognized that voice from earlier.

        "Listen, Sherlock is a dangerous man. He will tear you down to analyze your every move. He will turn you into a case rather than a date," he started,"Just watch out for him. Don't let him hurt you." Mycroft left a note on my desk and exited the room. I started reading the letter.

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