The drummer has an understudy?

"Hey Immo we missed you at band practice" Luke says. So I am the drummer all the ladies dig, then there is Ashton Irwin, my understudy: a slutty one. I am Imogen, the lads girl that likes lasses (wee bit Scottish) but a hearty Aussie that wants the band big time; the Med school bigger time and the sexy "English love affair" less now?


1. Band practice badassery

"Hey Immo you coming to to Michael's for band practice" Luke yells across the school field. "Nah mate have to fix my Cajun (pronounced Cah-khon) for next weeks gig". "Just use drums like a normal band" Luke yelled in reply. "You want to sound authentic and badass the Cajun gets TLC for TKL (gig in Brisbane)". I am Imogen Immo as Hemmo, Luke Hemmings my best friend calls me, who I kind of lied to, I am going to fix my Cajun but at my ex-girlfriend Vera's record store. I couldn't tell Luke because he would lecture me about how she is using me and will let me down again. We fell out over this before when I snapped and accused him of wanting to sleep with Vera (to be fair I can't blame him she is hot). So now we try not to discuss it, I mean him Mikey and Calum are my only best friends that I ever had.

Nonchalantly, I wonder into KDP record store trying to not care that I was visiting the first girl I ever did anything: loved, lusted and loathed. I bumped into the guy who shot that to pieces, yeah a guy, I begin to see why Luke had his reservations. Long story short, the day after I told her that I love her, I walk into the maths room hearing a shrill ballad of "Don't stop because you know that I like it" it was actually lovely singing by Ashton Irwin, wasn't so lovely when I explored the room further, chasing the tune, in search of my new recruit to see Irwin inserting himself in his concerto of pop songs and my girlfriend screaming for more with her legs sprawled out. I didn't need him anyway, he is a drummer too we can't be sharing that love too.

I call out for Vera, she replies with angst "I'm coming". I bet she is I am here and Irwin is leaving. Correction he is grovelling to me, Ash " the bible says to forgive so I shall, we are very similar so I do hope we can be friends". He nods in relief then hugs me saying "I am so glad I have wanted to befriend you since I saw you lugging the Cajun out of here. Umm Imogen, I need to tell you something...Vera and I are dating".

I watch Vera arise from the basement, my eyes filling up with tears she turns to me and says "what's up babe". I watch my forearm raise diagonally, in a trajectory that leads to her cheeks. "You bitch" she cries out. I am the bitch aren't I, so much so your rendezvous with Ashton Irwin will make you famous when it hits the internet, Ash showed me the DVD or Luke I should say. Your technique wasn't as good as me but oh well, sluts get sloppy. Ashton yanks me to one side telling me I am a psycho bitch who is still brimming with rage. It turns out that he isn't dating Vera and I busted her lip for nothing, thank goodness I was lying about the tape of them.

I storm out clutching to my Cajun and barge past Irwin, Vera follows suit kneeing him in the crotch. He winces as he follows us out. "Hey Immo I am so sorry I joked that I was dating Vera. I didn't mean to be such an....."."asshole" I interrupted. "Fair play Immo..Imogen". I giggle at how I made Ash stutter and grovel and invite him over to band practice; I figure if Luke can show him around to other girls he would get over Vera and get on (top) another girl.

Cunning I know. Stupid I know. I mean I haven't even poured my heart out to Vera to see if she still loves me. Despite the fact that she cheated in me with a bloke (guy). So we head towards Michael's garage and I introduce Ash to them. Calum eye rolls as Ashton approaches him "why did you invite him Immo. I don't have anymore girlfriends for him to fuck". "Look Calum I understand that you don't trust me. I wouldn't, but let me show you that I have changed and I won't be shady with my new band mates". Band what Michael, Calum and Luke proclaim in disbelief. Oh yeah guys, I have to really study for the HSC to get onto a medicine school in London, so I have to put the band on hold but I was waiting to tell you guys after the gig next week when I found a replacement drummer. Now that I have and it would be a great bonding session. Good luck boys.

So we get right to it and begin learning the precussion and chords to a song Ash wrote with some cool, classified people in America. 'She said to me forget what you thought cause good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught'. I tap with ease and flow the symbol the base motioning to the song that defined my high school years: stink bombs in principal's office; underground tattoo parlour; rendezvous with my German teacher in the History office (former German teacher for unknown circumstances). You can see I went on a bit of a tailspin after Vera cheated on me and it was the same time...well I thought Vera and I could support each other the most.

So with all that history in mind my goals are to ace the mock HSC; capture our fans with my final (ish) gig and rekindle Vera and I's passionate Love.

We finish up band practice with a shit cover of Blink 182's 'all the small things'. Hey ash gave us a great song, which allowed Calum, Luke and Mikey come round to him.

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